New-Age-Careers-EngineeringEngineering has always been given high importance in the education system of India. The huge number of engineering colleges in India is an evidence of this fact. According to official figures, India is home to almost 3500 engineering colleges at the moment, and the number is bound to rise even further given the fact that the demand is outstripping the supply by a considerable margin.

The Top Engineering Colleges in India

The innumerable engineering colleges present in the country makes it a tough choice when it comes to take a decision. But the fact remains that the IITs (Indian Institute of Technology) and the NITs (National Institute of Technology) are always among the best options in the country. The IITs and the NITs have their very own selection exams which are the IIT-JEE and the AIEEE respectively. Apart from these there are many more top engineering colleges in India, mainly the Government Colleges present in every state as well as a number of private engineering colleges.

The path ahead

The basic reason behind engineering courses being in such huge demand lies in the fact that some of the best career options available, whether in India or abroad, happens to have a technical degree as one of the minimum qualification required. The Indian education system has always been highly academic oriented with more focus on studies at every stage of life. It is thus no surprise that the recruiters of almost every prestigious organization want to have the best brains, which has in a way become synonymous to the person holding a technical degree. Engineering opens up a vista of opportunities in front of the student. A high paying secured job is what everybody wishes to have and an engineering degree seem to have made the fulfilling this dream a lot easier.

Careers with a difference

Engineering offers the option of a huge number of career choices. Most of these are the usual ones which have been there for ages. But in recent times, with a lot of development in the field of science and technology, there has been a huge change in the types of career options available to the engineers. The following are a few new age options available to fresh graduates from any of the engineering colleges in India –

  • Computer Application Developer – Those pursuing a course in Computer Science & Engineering are most likely to get into this field, though there has been considerable intake from other related fields as well. With the number of social networking sites on the rise and the introduction of open platforms like Google’s Android OS, the demand for new, better and useful applications are skyrocketing. Almost every day a large number of new applications are being launched across the globe. Armed with a high knowledge of computer programming, the computer engineers are most in demand in this field.
  • Chemical Engineer – There used to be a time when the field of Chemistry was only limited to those studying general science degree courses. But with the introduction of chemical engineering course the entire approach to the subject have changed considerably. There is high demand for various new age products, especially in the paints industry. Chemical engineers are greatly in demand in these industries.
  • Bio-technology – Bio-technology is a much recent introduction in the long list of options available in engineering course. It in itself is a much younger branch of science and is gaining high popularity because of the vista of opportunities it is opening up. From modern day drug technologies to various corrective treatment methods like the stem cell treatment, everything is developing much faster thanks to the enormous development taking place in the bio-technology field.
  • Genetic Engineer – A much more advanced and focused branch of bio-technology, genetic engineering, as the name suggests, deals with the manipulation of genes, the basic building blocks of the any living organism. Genetic engineering in most case can be pursued as an advanced career option after getting a bachelor’s degree in bio-technology.
  • Forensic Expert – With the growing level of lifestyle, it is also fact that the level of crime is rising. Forensic experts work in close relation with the various law and order maintaining department of the nation. After an engineering degree one has the option of joining as a forensic expert, though the engineering field needs to be chosen carefully.

Choose the right path

It is essential that one must choose a career with utmost care. No doubt one should go ahead with one’s passion and liking. But mere passion or liking for a particular option is at times not enough to see one through. Thus getting a career counseling done might actually be a good choice.