Great-Blog-Article-Looks-LikeMyBlogGuest has really been pulling out the stop lately when it comes to teaching about guest posting.  Their blog posts are always informative, and they (unsurprisingly) have some great guest posts around the web on the same topic. But they recently came out with something extra helpful that I wanted to share with others who might not be aware of it.

In the tradition of using multiple forms of media to get their point across, they have now launched an infographic that explains exactly what makes a guest post amazing. It takes a look at a post that was written by a high profile blogger on a high authority site. Then it uses colorful arrows and boxes to show you in what ways he enhanced his content to be more effective. Most of the optimization ideas are very simple, and yet they make all the different in the world.

Some of the issues covered include how to link within your content in the right way, the importance of work by both the author and the publisher after the post goes live, the need for an eye catching title, visual content, formatting, and more. Each time a tip is given, you can follow the arrow to the corresponding example within the text of the post.

What makes this such a great infographic is that it is entirely practical. Seeing each piece of advice in action allows you to use it to your advantage. That means immediate improvements in your own guest posts. Better guest posts means more opportunities to write them. You can even apply it to your content back at your own blog, which will optimize it in the same way.

Everyone should pin this one, or at least save it for later. Trust me, you will be glad you did when you see the results on your next published content.

The Anatomy of the Perfect Guest Post Cheatsheet (pdf) is available for free. Download it and give away to all your writers!