Things-Start-Up-NeedWhen you think of starting a business, what are the three most important things you can think of that will help you make that business successful? You are probably thinking "a technologically magnificent website" by hiring some one who has taken years of coding classes or "the best product in its class," you might be thinking "marketing campaigns," or even "excellent customer service." Those are all very important. In fact, many Fortune 500 companies have all of these things. Without an excellent website, you are missing an opportunity to connect with customers over the internet in a unique way. Without marketing campaigns, you are missing a way to reach your customers through many different mediums. Without excellent customer service or an excellent product, you are missing fundamental business practices that most customers have come to expect. They expect that they will receive better value from your company than they have paid for. There are three ways you can maximize your customer's expectations for your company that you may not have thought of, yet.

The first is UX design. This means "user experience." Optimizing your website for user experience means designing your website to maximize a user's experience, and ensures that your users are seeing what you want them to see. This means that your user is seeing your copy just the way you intended it. Implementing videos, mobile apps, and social media integration are all valid user experience strategies. For instance, in order to show off your product's edge and appeal, you can post a video displaying the product and its features to your customers. Utilizing mobile apps can make your users feel more connected with your website. Adding social media integration to your website makes it easier for users to help you go viral at the push of a button. If you design your website with the user's experience in mind, making it easier to navigate, you will make it easier for your customers to purchase from you. If your customers have a good experience with your website, they will be more inclined to visit you in the future.

A close second is the implementation of search engine optimization, otherwise known as SEO. There are SEO professionals that will write your web copy in a way that will attract more customers through search engines, but there is more to SEO than writing to the web's most popular keywords. SEO also implies that useful links and back links make a website more relevant. By marketing your products in a way that get more traffic from your targeted keywords and by receiving links from useful websites, you can maximize the traffic you get to your website through the internet. An SEO professional will cost you around $3,000. However, by using your business sense you can arrange links to your products through reviewers and other websites. Links from other websites will help you to build traffic, as well!

Getting a reliable host for the launch of your company website is also important. You want your website to be accessible, and provide all of the features you want it to have. Most hosting packages marketed for businesses should come with an SSL certificate and a secure server so you can set up a payment processing service. You should also receive a set number of SQL databases. These are important for applications such as WordPress, and if your host does not provide at least one with your package you should ask them if they charge for access to SQL. Talk to the customer service team and find out how friendly they are. Ensure that you are comfortable giving them the business of, well, your business!

Remember, make sure you design your website with the user in mind. Easier access means easier sales! Use your business sense to negotiate some links and make sure your sight uses proper SEO. Find the right host with the features that you need.