VoIP-Service-ProviderJust as more and more businesses are unearthing the hidden potentials of telephone systems based on Cloud Hosting and shifting towards this service, almost equal number of service providers is emerging in the market. Though there are so many service providers in the market presently, still each and every VoIP service provider is not equal. In order to determine the best VoIP service provider for your business in the market, you must question out each one of them on the basis of Service, Technology and Innovation. Following are some tips and questions for judging the best provider:

Tip # 1: Ask Service-related questions

Best VoIP providers can be judged on the basis of how well they convey exceptional customer services. This can be indirectly demonstrated by the solution these providers extend during the implementation and use of VoIP. Best service providers will not deliver operating solutions only once in the beginning in a gift box with some user guides. Instead they will be at your doorstep to help you initiate an efficient experience with VoIP. Foremost service providers will assure you of customer support till you remain associated with them.

Moreover best service providers must offer solutions in form of a complete package which consists of expert knowledge and sophisticated practices to ensure seamless communication. Following questions will help you out in discovering if your VoIP service provider will deliver the service that you are worthy of:

1. What is the longevity of the contract?

2. How much amount will have to be paid in the initial stages and much will be the monthly bill. Also, how much will be spend in later stages on the maintenance of the service and on the support?

3. If I’m planning to upgrade my services, will it be required to pay an additional amount?

4. How detailed and specific is the deployment of IP phone system?

5.  Who will sort out the queries of my employees if they face any problem related to the service?

6. Will someone from your company help me in the implementation of the service or I’ll have to manage it on my own?

7. Question out if the providers extend their services to customers who are similar to you. Do the service providers furnish you with case studies and valid testimonials from other customers?

8. Do you disclose your performance and credibility data in the public?

9.  Do you have a well-framed SLA (Service Level Agreement)?

Tip # 2: Ask Technology-related questions

It is mainly because you want to get rid of the traditional telephone system that you have been using all these years, you make your mind to switch over to VoIP-based service. Before you trust any service provider make sure they have a sophisticated infrastructure to fulfill all your requirements. Before you hand-over your services to a particular provider, make sure that they have a resilient, flexible, and highly secure infrastructure, hardware, and software.

Software which a provider offers is the main turning point which, if good, helps in the success of the business, otherwise leads to the failure of the business. You must discover properly about the history of the software that the service providers offer. The information about the software most of the time would be hazy. In such situations, it would be wise to choose such providers who adopt Software Switch or Softswitch from a third party vendor.    

Ask the following Technology-related questions to the service providers to find out the best one for you:

  • Do you have efficient and dynamic network redundancy equipment in place?
  • What is the versatility of the infrastructure of the network?
  • Did you reinforce your own Software Switch?
  • Do you lend any technology or software from a third party?
  • How will you manage the recovery if any natural or man-made havoc strikes?

Tip # 3: Ask Innovation-related questions

The best part of a Cloud-based telephony service is that they do not tarnish away with time and remain new forever. Old customers can get the same features that are being offered to a new customer. It is therefore necessary for you to have an in-depth knowledge of what the service providers are offering today and what they will offer in the future. Thus, it is essential for you to gather knowledge about how efficient the provider is in predicting the market trends. You can do this by enquiring the vendors about the procedures and specifications they adopt to develop their products and services.

If the vendors are ready to answer the following questions, then they are worth to be considered:

  • What is the number of Engineers and Software developers in your organization?
  • What procedure is adopted to decide the developmental preferences?
  • Will you disclose your financial status to me?
  • How will I ensure that you will be around to extend your support for the next 8 to 10 years?
  • What is your planning regarding services for the next year?
  • Do you consult the customers while developing new attributes in an existing service or while developing a new service altogether?

These tips and questionnaires will help you out in choosing the best provider for yourself. The one, who answers these questions convincingly, definitely deserves to be your new communication partner.

Viola Allen is a Cloud, VoIP and SIP expert and is currently employed with Hosted QuickBooks DotNet. Her passion is to write about the recent technological advancements, including Cloud Hosting, Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking. Her main motive is to gain more and more information about the latest technological advancements in the industry.