Survival-Equipment-Cant-ForgetYou’ve seen the shows on TV about impending doom and the end of the world as we may know it. Have you paid attention to them or do you just keep flipping the channel? While it may seem farfetched to plan for the end of the world, it is certainly never too late to pack a bag in case you need to get out of town quickly. Whether you are displaced by a natural disaster, you are on the run from the law, or you fear the zombie apocalypse, it is imperative to plan ahead with the tools you would need to survive off the grid. So, before you go ahead and pack up to move West to dodge civilization or avoid the end of the world, here are four tools that you must have in your ruck sack to effectively live off the grid.


The possibilities of paracord are literally endless. In survival situations, many people have found valuable uses of paracord when making slings, splints, and even tourniquets. In less dire situations, paracord can be used for creating pulley systems to rig up heavy objects, use it to tie up bags away from bears, or even as fishing line if you want to pull thin strands off it. Either way, because of the versatility of paracord, it is an essential tool for any emergency preparedness bag.


Once you start to live off the grid, sharp blades will become another one of your most valuable assets. Small handsaws and hatchets will help with being able to cut down saplings for firewood as well as making rafts and frames for shelter. Once you start to live off the land you will also need something to butcher your meat; a hatchet provides the perfect versatility to help you with both of these tasks. The blades are relatively easy to keep sharp if you find the right stone as well, making a hatchet one of the most important tools in your arsenal.

Small Pistol

If you’re going to live off the grid, you have to have some sort of survival pistol. Not only does the 9mm offer you versatility, it is also one of the most popular guns in North America, making it easier to find ammo. The 9mm also packs a big enough punch to shoot small game and protect yourself from animals or other people. Be sure to pack plenty of 9mm ammo for the trek, you do not want to be stuck out there with a gun and not enough ammo to help your situation.

Lightweight/Waterproofed Clothing

One of the most overlooked aspects of living off the grid is the type of clothes you will be wearing. Because of the elements you may be facing, it is good to have enough clothes to layer up and help keep you warm at night. In addition to keeping you warm, you will want to wear clothes that wick away water and moisture, such as polyester and polypropylene. Both of these materials are lightweight options that allow you to layer on and will keep the moisture off your skin, something cotton will not do.

If you are curious about living off the grid or just doing some advanced planning, it is never a bad time to start prepping for emergency situations. These four pieces of equipment may not seem too important now, but you will certainly be glad you brought them once you are on the run and on your own. Remember, the only bad time to start planning is when you are finally out there, on your own and out of luck.