lg-g2LG is looking to make some big announcement post success of its flagship model G2. This high end smartphone has got everything in it including 13 MP camera, quad core Snapdragon 800 processor and a good 1080p display which makes it a standout device. A host of new features can be found in this device which may give its competitors like Galaxy S4 a run for their money. Following are the top five reasons to buy LG G2:-

Plug & Pop

Taking cues from Samsung’s “Recommended Shortcuts”, the Plug and Pop feature of G2 will surely impress the user. Whenever, you insert set of headphones into the headphone or remove the S Pen, the device will toggle. The apps that are recommended are entirely unique and are customized as per the user of the device.

However, this feature is different in the sense that when you plug in the USB cable or headphones the customized apps that are on the bottom of the screen will disappear and will be replaced by the apps that your device believes are most likely to be used.

Answer Me

The Answer Me feature allows the user to pick up the call and answer it just like the conventional wired hone instead of swiping or clicking the mobile phone in order to receive the call.  It might not be a very hi-fi feature, but its utility is great for a smartphone user.

Guest Mode

By using this mode, the LG G2 owner can effectively add another user account to your device. This mode will have a new lock pattern and your personal files, pictures, files etc will stay protected from the user. Thus, you can create a separate partition of G2 like in case of PCs and laptops.


Giving a tough competition to Samsung’s WatchOn app, this feature can be considered an improvement over the former. QuickRemote empowers the user to control a wider range of remote controls.

The newly developed app has got a “learn” feature in them which enable it to function like any other remote control and adapt to its functional settings. This works with pretty much all the devices.


This simple yet effective feature is an intriguing addition to G2. You just need to tap twice on the screen and the device will wake up. So you don’t need to find the small button every time to wake up the device. Also, by tapping he screen twice, you can turn off the screen. This helps to save a lot of battery of the device.

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