started-with-SEO-budgetSEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of increasing visitors to a webpage by obtaining high ranking in the search results page of search engines. Most bloggers and website owners believe that if your SEO is handled by a top SEO company then you can rest at ease and not worry about the hits on your website page.

This is not true as giving your SEO to a company and working on it on your own can sometimes give same results. You only need to research and learn a bit about SEO and you can do it on your own rather than spending large sums of money to hire a professional.

The following is a list of handy tips and tools that will help you to SEO in a budget. This will indeed be handy for all those who want results in a budget.

  1. Analytics tool

A Free tool that will help you monitor your website traffic, traffic source, search engine keywords and phrases, like the Google Analytics that can easily be downloaded; can be of great help to any website owner. This does not require any spending but at the same time would give you great insight.

  1. Links

Another useful SEO tool is making links with other popular website pages. This can simply be done by visiting websites that have similar content to yours and posting comments on their pages with links to your pages. You could also write guest posts if you can influence other web owners to give you a chance.

  1. Social relationships

If you really want to hold up in the social media and become an important member then you must have good relations with other top website owners. Only with relations can you get publicity for your upcoming brands and products. If website owners who are trusted in the social media by clients and customers can put in a good word for you then most of them would attest think of giving you a chance.

  1. Copyscape tools

Content is the most important aspect of every website or blog. It must be original and in no way a copy from any other website. You could check your own content by downloading and using Copyscape tools. Only good quality content can get you readers and customers who will stay with you on the long run.

  1. Meta keywords and Meta descriptions

Sinking keywords and short descriptions into your titles and important areas of your blog or web page is very important. This will naturally increase your search result ranking and bring you more customers. It is important to carefully align your website as a website that is not well aligned can bring out negative comments.

Thus the above free tips and tools can help with SEO for your website and will most definitely help you keep your SEO in budget, but if you still prefer to hire a professional you could go ahead with someone who is affordable but do remember that with a little research you can help yourself in SEO for your website.

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