Practice-Personal-Injury-LawTechnological advancements have impacted every section of the United States economy, and the legal industry has also been greatly enhanced during this development era. The old days of standing before a jury and pleading a personal injury claim are gone for many law firms who understand how to use the technology in maximizing any personal injury case that makes its way to trial. The use of static technology has also helped in getting a case settled quickly for a fair damage award. Using technology such as cell phone camera pictures and other digital productions enables attorneys to provide solid evidence to support material case facts.

It is common knowledge that a picture tells a thousand words, and in the legal sense, this becomes testimony when the images or devices are admissible in court proceedings.

Another major component of the legal profession that has been greatly impacted by technology is customer relations. Potential clients can now contact any attorney on a law firm website and get information in real time. They can perform a local Internet search like Raleigh personal injury lawyers or New York accident attorney and research which attorney will work best for their situation. This eliminates the need for phone calls and discussing the case with multiple lawyers.

Although many clients choose counsel immediately based on who is willing to represent them, the process of interviewing multiple attorneys before choosing is a much more viable option. With the use of technology prospective clients have instantaneous contact and digital communication via email, including electronic signing of authorization documents.

Establishing Evidence

The basics of civil law and personal injury suits is that an injury must have occurred, and it is a direct result of the respondent's breach of a reasonable duty of care. In addition, some accident claims involve very serious injuries that need documented support. When these events occur in a vehicle accident, images of the vehicle can also be helpful in determining the amount of damages, which can be a considerable sum in today's economy. Pictures and video work well, especially when asking a jury for a maximized punitive damage award or an extensive compensatory damage award.

Digital pictures are the most basic technological application, but the wide availability of the devices means they can be used in practically every personal injury case.


Technology can be a highly effective tool in claims that respondents want to fight. Insurance companies will often have a low maximum on policy benefit and will not contest the claim. However, personal injury claims for large recovery awards may not be that easy. The respondent will at least know how strong the presented evidence will be and understand the potential frustration involved in defending a particularly egregious case.

Going to trial is not always a good option, so digital evidence that establishes valid material evidence can help your legal counsel negotiate a solid settlement without a trial.


Technological advancements have also opened the way for experienced and effective trial attorneys to present any case in court with more emphasis on specific components of the case. Personal injury cases are determined by a preponderance of the evidence, which generally means a lower burden of proof. However, in a civil case, the burden of proof is incumbent on the injured plaintiff's counsel. Many cases are settled quickly when there is no real defense for the respondent or multiple respondents. The use of projectors and iPads are common in the contemporary legal industry when an attorney is making a specific point about the value and validity of a claim.

It is important for any injured individual to contact an attorney who has a solid working knowledge of how technology can enhance and solidify any personal injury legal claim and it also makes the attorney more accessible to their clients and other parties involved with the case.

Teresa Stewart is a freelance writer with a passion for technology. She has found that Raleigh personal injury lawyers Auger & Auger make use of technology by providing 24x7 access to their firm via telephone, email and website which also has an interactive chat service.