Save-Dollars-Uncontested-DivorceNo one ever meets the supposed love of their life with the intent of eventually splitting up but since about half of all marriages end in divorce, this is exactly the reality that many people are faced with. When it comes to the loss of a relationship as serious as a marriage, it's human nature to want to quickly recover. Unfortunately, this isn't always so simple, and this is especially the case when a person is left financially ruined because of the situation. Fortunately, this is one area that's not a foregone conclusion. If a soon-to-be former couple can manage an uncontested divorce, they can save a ton of money.

Difference in Monetary Costs

To understand how much two former spouses can save while going through a break up, it's first important to understand how low cost an uncontested divorce can be. It's often as simple as hiring an attorney to file the appropriate paperwork with the state court, and the overall cost of this type of divorce can sometimes be only a few hundred dollars in addition to filing fees. The big dollars, though, come in when a divorce is contested or litigated.

When two parties cannot agree on the terms of their divorce, it's absolutely essential for them to each find their own attorney. This will cost both of them since these legal professionals will have to hammer everything out in court before a judge. Instead of simply filing a few legal forms, the attorneys will have to use legal maneuvering at its best to get their client a good outcome. A drawn out proceeding could literally end up costing thousands of dollars, and this is on the low end of the spectrum.

Additionally, the court may not be so easy on a specific spouse, so having a contested divorce is sort of like going into a fight blindfolded and unprepared. This is especially the case for the poor souls who opt not to seek legal advice.

Difference in Emotional Costs

While financial costs are definitely a huge factor in how a case plays out, it's also important to consider emotional costs. This is because, especially when children are involved, emotional hardships can actually lead to further financial losses down the road. In reality, a divorce can wreak havoc on a person's mental state, but it can do much more to a child's.

Studies have continuously shown that contested divorces that include custody battles can lead to several emotional issues in children. These issues can include depression, anxiety, feelings of abandonment and even failed future relationships. The first three of these consequences can lead to financial loss due to the need for counseling. The last, though, may cost a child even more financially in the future if they experience numerous failed marriages.

Other Financial Benefits of Uncontested Divorce

Another way an uncontested divorce can save a person money is by making the whole process much quicker. ProDivorce, at notes that "lower cost solution for divorce... can be better for all parties involved, as long as you and your spouse are willing to work together and understand your rights." The time spent in court will be insanely shorter for an uncontested divorce, and this equates to lower court costs. Additionally, the two partners can figure out an outcome that is fair for both of them.

State divorce laws are quite complex, and in reality, they can vary from state to state. There's no telling exactly how a court will decide on child support, alimony or other financial factors; but when those involved can decide these things on their own, they're likely to both get a fair share of marital assets.

A divorce will be detrimental for all of those involved, but the emotions related to the situation will be much worse if it is contested. Not only do two individuals develop an even larger disdain for their former spouse, but the financial costs can prove crippling. For an individual who has just come out of the emotional turmoil of an ended marriage, facing difficulties in other areas of life due to financial issues is the last thing they need. This is why it's so vital to at least attempt an uncontested divorce.

Teresa Stewart is a freelance writer who enjoys studying well-being. Going through litigation can be emotionally traumatic so she researches ways to minimize time and funds spent during divorce proceedings.