While revolutionizing the way that amateur and professional photographers capture the world with a high-definition, handheld device, the wide variety of GoPro cameras allows crystal clear imagery and impeccable portability. Whether it is extreme sports, travelling, or simply capturing a moment, the GoPro emphasizes a lightweight design that is also durable and easily mountable in unusual and practical places. Although consumers can easily waterproof their GoPro for water sports and diving, many have found it difficult to effectively control what their GoPro captures whilst beneath the water surface.

When capturing marine life, coral reefs, or other specific objects while diving under water, it can be quite beneficial to supplement the GoPro with a quality dive tray to acquire that perfect shot. When trying to the find the right dive tray for a GoPro, photographers need to consider some of the most prominent aspects of these trays in order to maximize their diving experience and capture their most breathtaking videos.  

Benefits of a Dive Tray

One of the most difficult aspects of making videos while diving is that all of the diver movement while swimming creates a shaky, unappealing quality to the video. To minimize the shaky footage and promote clear, smooth images, photographers need to secure their camera to a dive tray that they can hold in both hands and stabilize while swimming. Furthermore, these dive trays also feature aluminum, anodized material that neither floats nor causes fatigue in the diver’s arms, allowing for continuous smooth shooting throughout the duration of the dive.

The second most practical benefit of using a dive tray with a GoPro camera is that these trays also greatly enhance shot precision. While surfing or water skiing, it is quite easy to simply mount the camera in a creative position and just go from there, but for divers who would like to capture the infinite wealth of colorful marine life, the dive tray allows photographers to follow moving objects accurately while pinpointing their shots.

Lastly, diving trays for GoPro cameras are comfortable and they elicit a positive experience that allows divers to stay underwater for as long as possible without the annoyance that comes with carrying bulky equipment underwater. In fact, most dive trays for GoPro cameras feature a basic, minimal design that only consists of two rubber handles and a durable bar that mounts the camera. Additionally, many GoPro dive trays feature a lanyard and/or a quick-release system, allowing photographers to quickly and easily store their equipment mid-dive without having to return to the surface. 

What to Look For in a GoPro Dive Tray

When choosing among the many different dive trays for the GoPro, there are always several things that consumers need to consider before making this purchase. However, before checking out the functions and features of a dive tray, consumers should firstly make sure that they can securely and effectively mount their GoPro model to the tray. Additionally, consumers should always consider what types of diving they mostly plan to shoot and what kind of accessories they might want on their tray. For example, deeper dives and night dives provide very little light, and therefore a light mount becomes a necessary accessory for their tray.

It is also important to remember that many dive trays feature various materials, both for the tray and for the handles. When browsing among trays, consumers should always consider how practical the tray would be for longer dives. Some important specifications to consider include the weight of the tray, how its material would be affected by salt or freshwater