SEO-FormulaOne way to create the perfect SEO balance is to not focus too heavily on one strategy or the other.  You create content that works by combining the three most effective strategies in a clever ratio. These three strategies include creating content that is safe and perfect for SEO; creating content that is opportunistic and highly relevant; and creating content that is wildly far-fetched and innovative. These should line up to create a three-part ratio of 70/20/10.

70% - Link Bait

When you’re trying to focus on quality content, “link bait” doesn’t sound like something you should waste your time with. However, this part of the ratio is what will bring your audience to your site consistently. It is written and targeted towards a focused audience for a specific reason. This is the content that will affect your search engine ranking. If you sell shoes on an e-commerce site, the link bait on your website will include keyword-heavy information about the shoes you sell. It should be informative, and it should make up the bulk of your website. This is where you should differentiate yourself from your competitors.  While this 70% should be interesting to your audience, it should mainly be informative and editorial. Most importantly, it will help guide you in the next portion of your ratio.

20% - Relevant and Optimized Content

For this part of your content, you should constantly be monitoring your 70% and determining what works and what doesn’t. The 70% is the true bread and butter of your website. If you notice that a particular piece is doing especially well, try to repeat that same formula in your 20%. This content will probably be more effective than in the first part, because it will be highly optimized to impress your audience and get people talking. For example, if you notice that a “top 10” article written as link bait on your website is getting a lot of traffic, consider creating another “top” list for this portion of your content ratio. That way, you have a higher chance at success. You should also monitor how much people are sharing content from your 70%. If people are commenting a lot and sending an article to their friends, you should make more of the same kinds of articles.

10% - Experimentation

This section of your content ratio should be outrageous. While maintaining the voice and focus of your website, try writing about ideas and concepts that are novel and have never been written about before. Use your knowledge and expertise to draw people in, and be edgy. Since this is only 10% of your total content ratio, you have some room to play around. Once this iffy content is posted, watch your audience’s reaction. If they seem to be interested and begging for more, consider adding that particular concept to your 20%.

By providing your audience with these three levels of content, you’ll most definitely win them over and improve your SEO.

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