Issues-With-Laptop-ScreensThe laptop screen is the outlet of all that is happening inside the machine. It displays all the sought for instructions and executions required by the user. This makes this part of the machine very vital and thus should be well taken care off. However, faulty screens are a common issue to many users. Don’t be fooled, even the best laptop in town can be prone to the problems. When they arise, it becomes very difficult to identify what their causes may be. It is even worse if the display component breaks. Especially when you consider the laptop screen replacement expenses. Let’s look at some of the common issues affecting this portal to the machine.

Screen turning black

Have you ever switched on your laptop, started rightly but suddenly the screen turned black? It is a common frustrating issue, but that should not worry you anymore. The machine seems to be functioning, but the display is black. This may be due to improper cable connection. You can try to reseat the cable which runs from the main board to the display. If the problem still persists, it may be due to inverter malfunctioning. You will need to seek for LCD inverter replacement. This can be easily done by a novice and does not require many special tools.

Dark screen with garbled colors

Don’t confuse, the first one is where the laptop screen turns black, but in this one, it turns dark. One can still see pictures but with strain. This may be caused poor screen settings. The first solution is trying to reset them then make sure the lid switch is not jammed. In a situation where the display is shows incorrect colors, it may be simply because of a bad video processor. Sadly, this will require replacing the entire main board. It is advisable to check out for an experienced laptop screen replacement expert as this is a tricky task.

Dots, lines, dim and bright lights alternating

In some instances, you screen may start displaying dots and lines running and shaking frequently. Funny enough, the first step is to apply a little pressure to that point. This may be caused by stuck pixels. Doing so will help unstick them. In case the display alternates between bright and dim lights, it may be due to loose connection or a faulty inverter. If the latter is the cause, it will need urgent replacement.

Looses hinges, cracked bezel or casing gaps

Finally, these physical damages may be the problem. Hinges hold the display in place. They may loosen over time or you may even buy it when it’s that way. Any delay may see you open your laptop only to slam the screen down. One can handle this issue at home but it is advisable to take to an expert. More delay will cause extra damage to other parts of the laptop. Furthermore, if you notice the display casing has gaps, it is vital to seek repair. Failure to do so may allow dirt thus extra damage to the laptop screen. Letting the laptop drop down may cause the bezel to crack or split. This is the part on the casing that holds the screen. Avoid dropping heavy things on the laptop if you are to avoid possible laptop screen replacements.

The writer is a professional in computer repairs and works with the Crystal display computer screen repair in Washington. He also works as a part-time consultant on laptop maintenance issues.