Home-Security-SystemWhen you purchase a new home, you may consider the installation of a home security system. And this is a great idea, because having a system installed and then monitored around the clock can give you a lot of peace of mind in the event that your neighborhood becomes the victim of burglary.

But besides the decision-making about which brand of security system to install, how many security zones your home should have and whether to go with a wired or wireless setup, there are many other aspects to consider with regard to how high of a level your home really is protected.

Having a home security system installed is rarely enough to provide your home with optimal protection. Security systems can and do fail for a number of reasons. And so having several security back-ups in place, as well as making them unique can do a lot to enhance your protection. And they don't have to cost you very much at all.

Little Things You Can Do To Increase Your Home Security

There are lots of great ideas out there about how to affordably increase your security. Some personal security experts say that, although it may sound ridiculous, cardboard cutouts of yourself and your family members can do a lot to fool a would-be burglar. Of course, they should be life-sized. You can place them just about anywhere a burglar may look, which you can get a handle on by taking a peek at your home from the sidewalk and back yard. You can also use mannequins for a more realistic appearance.

You may not think about turning the radio on while you are away from home. But this can actually help you a great deal. Instead of music, find a radio station that's talk only. Turn it up, and it will give the impression that there are people in your home.

Did you know that your phone can tip off burglars that you are away? If you receive phone calls when you're not home, the constant ringing without answering is like a neon sign. But this can easily be eliminated by turning off your phone's ringers when you're not at home.

Other Home Security Tips

If you have chain locks in your home, you should know that these are probably not as secure as you think they are. When enough pressure is applied to the door, a chain lock can easily come apart from the door frame it's been installed on. Finding a more secure type of lock, or installing some kind of door stop in your floor may be much more effective.

And believe it or not, having a peephole on your front door can help you eliminate a lot of suspicious activity. But it will only work if the peephole is at a height that everyone in your household is able to use.

For a very affordable ten dollars per square foot, window film is a miracle product. Not only can it prevent the glass in your windows from breaking in the event a burglar tries to visit your home, but it can also be handy when an earthquake or storm occurs. As well, window film has insulating properties which can save you money on your energy bills. And the bonus is that it's easy to install yourself.

If you don't like the idea of leaving lights and other appliances on when you're not home, you probably already know that you can purchase timers which will make it look like someone is home without costing you on utility bills and peace of mind. But did you also know that you can purchase a fake TV? This device, costing around $30 is a light sensor which emits a realistic TV-like glow. And because it's on a timer, you can set it to activate at the times when you can usually be found in front of your TV set.

Guest author Emma Prior writes on a variety of topics, but is particularly well versed on home security. She recommends The Home Security Systems Geek as a resource for lay people to get answers on how to keep their homes secure.