tech-products-homeHome technology has made leaps and bounds over the past few years. From cleaning devices to home security, this technology allows us to keep our homes in proper order from just about any place from any where. The networking technology that powers our computers also allows us to keep our homes safe and in working order. Powerhouse technologies like Google, Ford, and ADT are forging alliances to make the home of the future here today.


This company takes takes home climate control devices to a whole new level by incorporating real-time thermostat controls to your air conditioning and heating systems. The thermostat controls can be operated remotely through applications and networking technologies. These controls allow you to be able to set the comfort zone of your home at any time, any where. In addition to the thermostat, NEST also has their pilot device called the Protect. This device is a high-tech smoke and carbon monoxide detector that takes all the annoyances away from its typical counterparts. These devices are making such a presence with home owners that Google has recently taken notice and acquired NEST in a partnership that cost $3.2 Billion.

ADT Pulse

The granddaddy of home security companies is moving towards total home protection and automation. Introduced several years ago, Pulse was to be the singular answer to complete automation in regards to securing your home. The wall mount console controls the home climate, turns lights on and off, and even detects when carbon monoxide rises and a fire breaks out. Pulse does all these things on top of the home perimeter security that ADT is known for. Where Pulse exceeds the standard is that it also automatically alarms the police, fire department, and the home owners should they not be in the home at the time.

Telecommunication Companies

Taking the example from ADT, many telecommunication companies are getting on board with whole home automation and expanding it to other aspects. Companies like Cox Communications offer a home automation system that includes the ability to shut off water lines and power media devices such as home theater or television. This kind of automation can be controlled using your computer, tablet, or any other networked device making remote access to home facilities easy. You can simply log on and check on the status of your home and make adjustments as needed.


When it comes to home automation and cool gadgets designed to make our lives easier and provide home maintenance, the iRobot Roomba never misses the conversation. This innovative little vacuum scurries across the floor sweeping up and cleaning anything in its path. It uses motion sensors to avoid obstacles and quietly moves about underfoot and keeps your floors clean. The device is programmable which allows you to set specific times and even areas in which you want to vacuum. The Roomba then utilizes its internal clock to deploy, complete its task and return to its charging base as it awaits the next command.


The biggest tech innovations for home owners in 2014 will likely be in the form of applications. Many of the above mentioned technologies already utilize apps for remote controlling and there are many other technologies that utilize them as well. ADT partnered up with Ford to control the Pulse device using the Sync AppLink. There are apps available that allow you to schedule and monitor maintenance projects for your home. Stores like Home Depot are utilizing apps that enable budget and supply management for home improvement projects. It's clear that through the use of application technology that homes are moving toward into the future.

The home of the future is not far out of reach and technologies are being developed continually to make our lives easier. Maintenance, automation, security, and control of your home is at your fingertips.