Use-Of-DustbinsEnvironmental issues is one of the major concerns of mankind, particularly talking about health issues, caused by air, water or any other kind of pollution. The rapid changes around the world are key factors affecting our health. Many recent studies have shown us what the most deadly elements which are disturbing our health. The world’s most famous health organization, World Health Organization (WHO) reports tells us a wider picture of dustbin pollution.

For many years people have been pointing fingers at motor vehicles and fuel burning in residential areas, commercial and industrial heating plants. However, in recent studies and in researches that the root of adopted waste hazard incineration is also found more responsible nowadays. Indoor pollution is more harmful than that of outside.

You should think about it, whether the outside environment affects your health or your inside environment. However the fact which cannot be ignored that whole burden of polluting does not lay on you. Responsibilities which are to be done by state government has been completely ignored. Sanitary problem is one of key problem in cities.

Use of Dustbins

In day to day life, we have seen plenty of garbage, sanitary and pollution problems around us. To be able to live in good and well placed environment you need to be aware of the fact that hygienic and clean environment keeps you healthier. Few steps need to be taken in this field.

  • Determination of required dustbins: -Firstly, We need to form a data on usage of a dustbin. It should primarily be based on how much of the concrete waste material come out that area. Present capacity of dustbins in ward or area, how many additional dustbins is required.
  • Distribution Pattern of Dustbins: -Further steps which are to be taken in this is to find the garbage cleaning system should be patterned in such a way that it does not affect the environment. An exploration program should be organized to be able to destroy the Bio-hazardous garbage.  We should make analysis how we can correctly use the existing dustbins.

Utilization: -

The production of thing around us is a very complex matter. Think for example a mobile phone, a computer, microwave or a television set. When you look superfluously it is just one component. But deep inside there you can easily find that these components are consisting of a vast number of components.

To understand it better, more analytically you can look for chemical composition of these products. However, in these days the usages of these products have touched the sky. It has become integral part of our day to day life.

Landfill Incineration: -

Another landfill incineration is most adopted waste disposal options. Bring all garbage together and burying them inside the earth. Cancer is another health concern for the people near the landfill.  Incinerators may be concerned for the people of the surrounding area, how it affects them through the food chain. In recent studies, it is likely to be the major factor to water pollution also. This problem is just not faced in urban areas, but also in rural areas. Using Dustbin can be more useful to restrain this land incineration.

Allen Martin, a well reputed writer and an environmentalist. He has continuously writing for on present social and ecological issues.