Cartel-Burton-Est-Snowboard-BindingsLately extreme sports and adventure travel have become really popular, more and more people are finding themselves drifted towards the adrenaline rush and fun that these activities provide. In order to enjoy these activities properly you need the right type of equipment. Today we are going to review Cartel Burton EST snowboard bindings. For those who don’t know what they are, it’s a snowboard binding used to connect the feet to the snowboard. Many people have claimed that these are the best bindings in the world, we decided to put them to test and came up with an honest review.


These snowboard bindings feature the proprietary technology from Burton, it’s known as EST. This technology is used in the base plate construction of these snowboard bindings. What we really liked in these snowboard bindings was that Burton has removed the materials that lie beneath your feet on a snowboard and they have replaced them with cushioning. The biggest advantage that this modification has is that it drastically reduces the overall weight of the snowboard. A reduced weight assists in better maneuvering and it also allows the designers to explore new designs and materials.

While snowboarding we noticed that Cartel Burton EST snowboard bindings result in lower levels of fatigue and it also helps in increased foot roll. According to the company this is a direct result of using the dual-component base plate construction technology.

While testing this product we used an exclusive Burton board and we found that this particular snowboard binding is very customizable when used in conjunction with Burton boards featuring The Channel.

The Hi-Back features a single component design. This one piece construction methodology allows for a better overall flex profile and also results in overall reduced weight of the snowboard binding. Burton claims that the Hi-Back features Living Hinge, a proprietary technology that further eliminates the hardware and weight.

In the past we noticed a common problem with most of the snowboard bindings, both of the bindings are identical. What we are trying to say is that they are not like shoes which are designed separately for the left and right foot. But we noticed no such issues with Cartel Burton EST Snowboard Bindings, as it turns out they have been designed ergonomically to follow the natural contours of the left and right legs, this ergonomic design leads to better comfort level and maximized control.

Another customizable feature in the Cartel Burton Snowboard Bindings is the forward lean angle adjuster. By adjusting FLAD you can get more control and maximize the power. The best thing about FLAD is that its tool free, you can simply adjust it with your hands without the need of any separate tool.


  • Adjustable
  • Comfortable
  • Great Construction
  • Lightweight


  • It’s a bit expensive as compared to more traditional snowboard bindings.


It seems like Cartel Burton has given a lot of thought in developing this product. Almost every bit of this product features some proprietary technology from the manufacturer. We highly recommend this product for anyone who is interested in snowboarding.

As per me this advanture sports product review rating is 10 out of 10

This review was authored by Frank Taylor. Frank is an extreme sport enthusiast. From a very early age he was interested in extreme sports and adventure travelling. He also works as a snowboarding trainer.