Boy have there been plenty of great rally car drivers throughout history, and it's quite difficult to actually just select the top five. You have to consider decades worth of spectacular drivers accomplishing spectacular feats.

Not in a specific order, this piece is going to begin with the 4 time champion Tommi Makinen. During this four year stretch from 1996-1999 he not only was the Rally Champion but took home all driving titles. Technically speaking, he dominated during these years, while faltering a little later presumably after starting to drive a Subaru. Still, his dominance cannot be argued against, and as a modern driver, makes the top 5 list.

Carlos-SainzCarlos Sainz

Has many people saying he is the best driver in history, not only one of the best. He is certainly included in this top five list as the Spanish driver El Matador who eventually won 27 races! He is also said to be a very classy driver and was a Subaru driver. He was also the first ever person to win 1000 Lakes without coming from Scandinavian descent. And, this was done when he had a broken leg by the way! His last win came in 2004 so he is also a modern driver on the rally circuit.

Colin McRae

This ledgend was mentioned in the introduction, and you didn't think he would be left out did you? Would you like to know more about this larger-than-life, stylish and Hall of Fame driver who won three Rally Championships in a row? Another part of this man's favor with the people was his personality. Colin died in a helicopter crash with his son in 2008, but his impression on the rally car racing circuit will never be forgotten. He was not only popular with the British but was well-respected all around the world. This driver was one of the sixties drivers, and he was well-known for his Subaru driving. 

Juha-KankkunenJua Kankkunen

while most people may not know how to pronounce his name, definitely solidified his position as one of the best drivers in history. He has been a world champion with three different rally car manufacturers, and he drove for an astounding three decades, amassing 23 Rally wins. This man spans from old school to new school, coming back after retirement in 2002 to set a speed on ice record with his Bentley. Kankkunen just doesn't stop!

Sebastien Loeb

Is the fifth driver on our list, and his rally wins are going to sound completely unbelievable. He has 78 rally wins, making him a definite legend within the rally car racing industry. He is such a huge leap above the rest that critics try and find reasons as to his dominance. One amazing thing is that he only drove for one team his whole extended career, and that team was Citroen. And, no one can argue with his success and how much he has accomplished and how many records he has broken. These drivers aren't supposed to be separated from each other on this list, but Loeb would likely get the most votes for being the best rally car driver in history. It is very interesting taking a look at the careers of these men. They have made historical footprints in rally car racing for sure.

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