Ultra-High-Definition-TVYou can consider Sony KD-65X9005A as first ultra high definition television if you are looking forward to buying one. Does that mean that all other ultra high definition TVs are not good enough, no we didn’t said anything like this. The Sony KD-65X9005A has a competitive price tag in this category and being competitive we don’t mean that it compromises on the screen size, it is a full blown 65 inches ultra high definition television and packs more than enough juice to dazzle everyone sitting in your living room.

Even though we said that the price of Sony KD-65X9005A is competitive but still it’s going to cost you about six thousand pounds. So the bottom line is that it has the best price to functionality balance but still it is not meant for the average Joe. However if you just can’t wait for rates of ultra high definition TVs to fall then I will suggest that you purchase the Sony Bravia KD-55X9005A that is two thousand pounds cheaper than its bigger sibling.


Being an ultra high definition television, I don’t think that it needs to be explained that it produces the most spectacular images possible today. So in this review we will talk about some of its other features. You don’t need to turn this TV on in order to appreciate it; its design is so spectacular that even when turned off your guests will appreciate it. The frame is drenched in jet black color and it sits on a very small but aesthetically pleasing circular stand that comes polished in chrome, I have noticed that some television are brilliant but their stands are so awkward that they draw some attention towards them, in this department I must give full marks to this television as the frame interferes in no way with the overall viewing experience.

On the bottom of the frame is an intelligence centre box, it houses the processing chips and also has embedded LEDs that change color in accordance to the source of the video you are watching.

One noticeable feature that distinguishes this TV from other similar ultra high definition panels is that installation of speakers on its either sides. The way in which these speakers have been installed on the sides is nothing but a work of art. They fully complement the overall glossy look of the television. Since I bought my first flat television I have always been disappointed with their audio quality. But this television is definitely an exception, the array of open speakers installed on the sides produce a dynamic home theatre experience and till date I have never seen a better sounding TV.

Besides having the capability to stun you with its super clear picture quality, this TV goes a step further as it also doubles up as your smart hub. The Sony 65X9005A can be easily controlled with android based applications installed your android device. One feature that I personally admired the most is that of the NFC support. If you have any NFC enabled products then you can simply tap them near the remote’s rear end and your device will be paired with your Sony 65X9005A



  • 4k content is still not popular and you might have to wait a couple of years more in order to be able to enjoy the true potential of this TV.


As I said that 4k content is still not available but if you want an ultra high definition TV regardless of the availability of the content then this is the product you must buy.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Senior Editor Keith Ronald has reviewed TVs for many companies since 2006. He is an ISF certified calibrator and developed many TV test procedures himself. Keith writes reviews and features for Yabbly.