Strategies-Acquiring-New-CustomersThe year is still a bit fresh and one of the most rewarding knowlegde you should acquire this year is how to acquire loyal customers. This article will teach you the top four strategies that can easily be implemented in your working environment right now. To begin with, you need to be confident that your business plans are established to lead you in the direction you want to go. Explain your purpose clearly so that everyone has a firm understanding of the goals. Your plans need to be as specific as possible. Knowing what your business is capable of accomplishing is a key first step. Set a definitive plan that you will have X number of customers by X date. You can set that goal by measuring how much new customers your business has acquired in the previous 3 years. Measure the exact number and evaluate where they came from. What is your company's vision? How do you see your growth this year? Ask this question: "Why do we want more customers?" Can we handle our business just as effectively with an increase in customers? So now your business is ready to bring in new customers.

Step 1: Ask your existing customers for referrals:

People who refer know that it is about THEMSELVES . They all know someone who you can help the same way you helped them and most customers acquired in this manner are usually returning customers. 

Step 2: Check your local community for colleagues that you respect and market to them.

You can cross refer to each other by creating a partner in the community. For example, if you are a Fitness Center you may find a Holistic Dentist to refer back and forth to. It is a win-win strategy.

Step 3: Identify who you can sell your product or services to.

Begin by developing a list of 20 customers that you would like to see added to your customer list this year. This is the start of a great marketing strategy. Later, we will discuss more opportunities to working this plan.

Step 4: Set aside one day each month that you plan a lunch and learn session for your existing customers.

Each customer must bring a colleague to the event to receive a complimentary product. If it is more suitable for your business, you can also host evening seminars. Have your dates chosen for the next 3 months and post them for your customers to see. Choose topics that educate your customers and be sure to change the topics each month. This can easily be added to an email campaign or social media sites for inviting. Facebook will allow you to create an event and invite customers.

Once there is a plan in place, start each day by identifying one thing you can do to move toward achieving your goals. Be disciplined to take one step each day and you will see how quickly how your goals will be achieved. Be patient and have fun with your action steps. Be sure to include your entire team so you are all on the same page of how to acquire new customers! Send in your success stories so we can share them with others. Please check out our website for more tips on maintaining meaningful relationships with your new customers!

Charlotte Vancamp is an experienced brand marketer who uses more proactive methods to engage, market and promote businesses to reach potential consumers. She discusses how to grow a business using the power of social media and technology on Afrodigit