IT-Consulting-Firms-In-MiamiMiami is best known all over the world as the entertainment center of Florida, what with all the beaches, fantastic hospitality, and delicious culinary delights. It is one of the most metropolitan cities in the world. The city is also one of the best investment destinations and a good product can attain skyrocketing sales within a very short time. To ensure your business success, whatever your industry, you need a good Information Technology (IT) partner. You may choose to hire in-house but for a start-up this may be too expensive. Getting qualified help with experts from a wide range of IT disciplines is not easy and neither does it come cheap. It is for this reason that there has been a lot of growth in the IT consultation business and there have been some wonderful performers showing from moderate to exponential growth. Some of the fastest growing firms in IT consulting include the following:

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Netcom Solutions

This once-small company has grown so fast and now covers not only the wider Miami area but also Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale. Their main business services include the Virtual Chief Information Officer (Virtual CIO) service and IT Outsourcing. Their consulting involves developing an IT plan that will suit the very unique needs of your firm in the most efficient and inexpensive way. Their expert IT consultants will work on creating an effective IT strategy for your firm, Implement your IT plan using the best vendor partners, provide long term strategic IT planning for your business’ long term growth, and provide continuing IT management services to ensure the smooth flow of your IT operations leaving you to focus better on your core services. For a free consultation, you may visit their website at and contact their professionals.


If you need a full-scale IT management solution for your firm then Preemo is one of the best IT consulting firms to go to. The company has grown fast in its service provisions which include office network management, server maintenance, remote network monitoring, and wireless network connectivity services. According to their website, the company has grown to serve over 100 companies covering the larger South Florida area. Their IT consulting service helps companies to design and plan their long term IT solutions depending on each company’s unique needs and level of resources. The firm also offers on-site IT support, email and cloud innovative solutions, and virtual IT programs.

Social Media Impulse

Among the IT Support Companies in Miami/Affordable IT Support Companies in Miami that offer wide ranging services is Social Media Impulse ( They have established themselves as Social Media Experts and they are the to-go-to company when you are seeking Social Media solutions that will help you drive traffic to your company’s services and products. Their consultation is 3-pronged. The first phase is dedicated to helping your firm find ways to connect with potential clients through social media, creative web design, social profile branding, on-site SEO, PPC, blogging, and email marketing among other high value services. This connection phase involves lots of high-value market research, target market research, and detailed competitor analysis. The second phase involves engaging the target market wherever they are and when they want. This involves targeting marketing avenues such as social media, search directories, and other key online destinations on the prospects’ desktops, mobile devices, tablets, and even in in-car GPS devices. The third step is to ensure your potential customers stay engaged and interested and to convert as many of them as possible into paying clients. Social Media Impulse’s consulting service works to ensure that your company forms a trusting relationship with your clients in and out of the sales environment.

Nerd Support

According to their website, this Miami-based firm has a wide range of services. Among the most important and what they are best renowned for is their Business Continuity Planning Service where they offer data protection with high-tech backup and recovery for any type or size of business. The firm has been instrumental in assisting many companies migrate to cloud services thereby increasing the mobility and effectiveness of employees and executives while on the go. The firm has also partnered with many companies to offer the cheapest and most effective communication solutions such as VoIP phone services. Other major services include email/spam protection, hosting solutions, colocation services, and PC/laptop repair.

Miami is a major metropolitan city supported by a long-standing heritage of optimism hence its nickname as “The Magic City”. This is one of the few cities in the world that had unprecedented exponential growth and never passed through the stage of being a town. It is such optimism that drives local businesses and many entrepreneurs have ambitious projects that catapult them into fame, riches, and provision of high-value innovative service. This is the driving force of the Miami economy and is supported by a wide range of IT solutions. The firms mentioned above are only a few out of many fast-growing IT consultation firms.

Starting a firm or growing an existing one is not easy. You need good quality products or services backed up by efficient services. An IT consultancy with professionals is one of the critical support services you will need to perform at your best especially in a city as competitive as Miami.

Todays guest post has been written by Nahid, CEO and Founder of Bizcope