Britain has a long history and there are plenty of amazing buildings on the island. If you are interested in architecture and history it is a nice idea to try and visit as many of these great buildings as you can. If you are looking for a great way to get started you should check out these five of the most visited historical buildings in Britain.

Tower-Of-London1. The Tower Of London, London

The Tower Of London is one of Britain’s most visited buildings. Situated in the capital city this great building was built in the 1078. It has since acted as a treasury, prison, a place and as the Royal Menagerie.

Many famous people from the history have been beheaded in the premises of the Tower of London. For instance, Ann Boleyn and lady Jane Grey were beheaded there. The last execution took place in 1941.

St-Pauls-Cathedral-London2. St. Paul’s Cathedral, London

Another amazing historical building in London is the St. Paul’s Cathedral. This beautiful building can be seen from many places in London and it is a great building to visit.

The building on the cathedral finished in 1710. Many famous British people have had their memorial service held in St. Paul’s Cathedral. For example, Wellington and Churchill’s memorial service took place in the building. Many Anglican ceremonies still take place there throughout the year.

Edinburgh-Castle3. Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh

Scotland is very well known for its castles and one of the most visited buildings there is the Edinburg Castle. There is some strong historical evidence to suggest that the structure has stood there since AD600.

The first substantial castle was built in 1130 and it has then been rebuilt many times. The castle has played an important role in the British history and it has seen many battles in its time.

Windsor-Castle-Berkshire4. Windsor Castle, Berkshire

Another must see castle in Britain is naturally the Windsor Castle, which is located in Windsor, Berkshire. It is one of the most favourite weekend retreats for the Royal family.

The castle is a famous tourist attraction and visitors get to enjoy some really amazing art in the building. For example, there are paintings by Rembrandt and Rubens in the estate. The famous Queen Victoria’s dollhouse is also located in Windsor Castle.

Houses-Parliament-London5. Houses of Parliament, London

To anyone interested in politics the Houses of Parliament is a great place to visit. The building is also great in its architecture and offers plenty of exciting history. The original building was badly damaged by fire but was rebuilt in the 1834 and 1860.

It is possible to visit the debates and you can even get a proper tour around the building. It is really exciting place to visit and can teach you a lot about the history of Britain.

The above five buildings are some of the most visited buildings in Britain. They are all very rich with history and are a real feast for the eyes. If you are planning a summer trip then you should definitely add some of these to the list.

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