Automatic-Sprinkler-SystemsAutomatic sprinkler systems can help make your landscape maintenance a lot easier. They can also save you quite a bit of money and time. However, before you begin the installation of your system, there are some details you will want to get straightened out first. Be sure to ask your contractor the following questions. 

Are You Licensed, and Do I Need a Permit?

Conduct a bit of research and find out if your contractor needs to be licensed in your state. If they do, be sure to ask for proof of their licensing. Additionally, many locations require a permit for various types of landscape work. This includes the installation of automatic sprinkler systems.

If your town requires a permit, find out if your contractor will handle all of the paperwork. While some of them will, many do not. As such, you will need to take care of it yourself. Keep in mind that this is extremely important to avoid any huge fines or trips to court.

Do You Offer a Warranty, and Does it Cover Materials and Labor?

Of course, you will want to find out whether or not your contractor offers a warranty and if they do, what it covers. The system's parts typically will have warranties offered through the manufacturers. However, you will need to inquire how each of these warranties work.

You should also find out if there are any warranties that will cover such things as damage caused by lawn mowers or other types of machinery. Will the contractor fix any damage for free, and will they replace the damaged parts at no charge? Finally, always find out how long the warranty is good for and whether or not there any exceptions.

Will You Provide Me with a Diagram of the System?

There is a vast array of pipes, heads, valves, sensors and wires involved with automatic sprinkler systems. As such, if you are going to perform any future landscaping projects, you will need a diagram of your watering system. In this way, you can avoid damaging any of the system's parts. It will also help you when you need to service the system.

Do You Use PVC or Poly Pipes?

Most irrigation contractors use flexible polyethylene pipes in their automatic sprinkler systems. However, some do still use PVC. The difference is that poly flex pipe is much more affordable and easier to install, but due to its flexible nature, it can be a bit more susceptible to damage. PVC pipes are much more rigid and sturdy.

What Type of Sensors Will You Install?

Sprinkler system sensors are much more advanced than they once were. While traditional rain sensors stop the system from turning on when it rains, they do not sense various other conditions. On the other hand, smart sensors can detect temperature and humidity as well as rain.

Some sensors even come with controllers that can connect to the Internet and monitor the weather in your area. Further, with these high-tech controllers, you can adjust your system via your smart phone! Always ask what type of sensors and controllers your contractor will be installing.

If you have decided to install an automatic sprinkler system on your property, you have made a great choice! Sprinkler systems can help your lawn look its best and can relieve you of tedious lawn work. However, before you choose a contractor for the job, you should ask them the questions listed above.

Pablo is a handyman who can install just about any plumbing system imaginable. He has many years of plumbing experience and is employed at Texas Power Plumbing in Houston, Texas.