Web-Domain-Helps-Offline-BusinessesThe buzz word in today’s business environment is the online world. Today more and more companies are starting with a webdomain rather than a traditional brick-and-mortar address. The reasons are quite obvious. They save tons of money on setting up an office space and can invest that money in marketing their online presence.

However, there are still a number of brick-and-mortar establishments which have still not established their online presence. Their primary dilemma is if they will benefit from establishing an online presence. Now that may seem as a redundant question to the rest of us. However, for a company which has built up a client base offline, it is a huge jump trying to establish their presence online.

Let us look at the hurdles they will face in setting up a webdomain.

  • Understanding the world of search engines – Search engines play a huge part in deciding if a company is successful or unsuccessful online. They assign a ranking to the websites listed on them. The target is Page 1 or the top ten search results.
  • Understanding the world of domain names – Picking a name for their domain and website is not as simple as in the offline world. The name has to be short, innovative and related to the business model. The better the name, the higher the recall value.
  • Understanding the world of pay per click advertising – The world of online advertising is completely depending on the Pay per Click or Cost per Click model. Under this model, companies pay to display their advertisements depending on their search parameters. The more exclusive the product, the lower the amount companies need to pay to advertise on a daily basis.

However, it is these very hurdles that can help the traditional establishments set up their online presence. Let us examine how a webdomain can help the traditional offline businesses.

  • Search engines – As complex as search engines are, they actually help set up the identity of a website and a domain. You see, a search engine works on the concept of rewards and penalties. Websites and domains with a proper structure and an easy to understand language get a bigger rating. An offline business can easily classify all their sections in different pages and ensure that people know where to go and how to find the relevant products. This method will help them get a better ranking on the various search engines.
  • Domain names – This is an area where offline businesses have a huge advantage. Take a look around when you walk down the street. You will find businesses with unique and innovative names. These names which give them an edge in the offline world will magnify their advantage online. Unique names are the Holy Grail in naming a webdomain. They help clients continue to relate with the business in a seamless fashion online.
  • Advertising – As complex as the pay per click method may sound the basic concept behind it is extremely simple. Let us look at the case of a small shop which sells traditional Asian spices. Now this is a small store, but has the potential to serve many more customers than their current client base. Hence all they have to do is allow their advertisement to anyone who looks up spices or Asian recipes. This means that more people can visit their website and look up the spices they want to purchase.

As shown above, a webdomain can actually help your offline store to establish an online identity. Do you know of any offline businesses that have made a successful transition? Share the details with us in the comment box.

About the author: Dobrin Georgiev is a professional architect. In his free time he likes to write texts and articles on the topics of technology and also its implementation in everyday life for different websites (for example for the Danish “webdomain UnoEuro” domain campaign). He is always excited to share and comment his views on modernity with other people interested in such discussions.