Samsung-galaxy-gearMany people claim that men don’t value accessories so much. To some extend it’s true, but having a watch is one of the few things that men and even some ladies crave for. With the boom in technology, the providers of this precious product have come up with different quality designs for market. Currently, technology has taken over as a dominating feature in most watches. This is due to high demand for hi-tech smart watches that can handle several functions. If you want to know top 9 smartwatches and then you should read through this article as it highlights them.

The Samsung galaxy gear

The Samsung Company has provided some of the best gadgets in the market. Ranging from laptops to phones, but this time it offers a Smartphone which is compatible with the Galaxy Gear gadget. The face of this watch is made of stainless steel while its straps are fixed with sensors. It can show push notifications from your phone or even act like a galaxy phone itself. Additionally, it has a built in speaker that for you clear audio emission.

The Sony smartwatch 2

It was first made available to the market after being displayed at the largest technology trade show in Berlin; the IFA. This Sony product is easily portable while at the same time waterproof. You don’t need to worry about walking in the rain or going swimming with your watch. Android in nature, it can pair devices due to the presence of the near field communications. It can use your phone data to read texts and even calls. Furthermore, it enables one to control the phone camera just by a click. In addition, it comes with long lasting battery that is usable for up to one week.


This can pair with your Smartphone by using Bluetooth and can perform functions such as email, text and other phone push notifications. It also supports additional applications such as FreeCaddie and Runkeeper. One thing you need not worry about is its battery life. It works on a power saving mode thus there will no power or little power consumption.

Qualcom toq

The Tog smartwatch is compatible with most android phones and has a Mirasol color face. This type does not need any connection as it uses a wireless charging system to always keep connected.

The Sonostar Smartwatch

It has a black and white display face as wide as 1.73inch. It uses several specialized apps and is compatible to many Smartphone devices. One unique thing about this smartwatch is that it has a curved face that makes it very attractive.


This type was developed by a group of tri-athletes who designed it for athletes. It has features which can utilize Wi-Fi to connect with most mobile phones. With 2 inch display screen, it can clearly show vital stats like speed and pace. Additionally, there are loaded maps to help marathon participants with direction.


It’s a little bit smaller than others though it can connect to your Smartphone, provide notification, but does not need to be recharged. It can tell you when new social media alerts come.

The Omate TrueSmart

It stands out as a key player in the market due to the fact that it does not need a Smartphone in the surrounding to run most of its apps. It is waterproof and operates on an Android 4.2.2 version. It has a 5MP camera thus its screenshots are excellent and quite promising. It supports 3G internet and can connect to other devices via Bluetooth.

The Martian G2G

It has most attractive look among our top 9. For somebody who craves for class, then this may be your type. It recognizes voice instructions for functions such as text, messages and any other information. It can connect to phones in the radius of 30 feet. One can even control the camera of the Smartphone while in the camera mode. Finally, this Smartphone watches provide some of much needed hi-tech features intertwined with classy and attractive look for you. It is up to you to make the best decision and style you way to attractiveness.

This post has been contributed by Tressy Jones. She loves to write about Technology and Fashion. She recommends for providing replica audemars piguet watches.