Ways-Decorate-Student-FlatIt isn’t all that easy being a student these days. As the cost of living and student fees rises you got to be very smart with your money. It is still really important that you feel happy and comfortable in your flat to ensure that you feel like studying. Here are some very cheap and funky decoration tips for a student flat to ensure all of this.

Make A List Of The Essentials

It is really important to think about the essentials that you need in your new flat before you move in. The list will depend a bit on whether you are living in the students hall or renting your accommodation.

You might also have some very specific items that you really want to have with you. Write these all down into a list because it can end up being a lot cheaper to know beforehand what you need rather than blindly shopping for items.

Keep It Comfortable

In a student flat it all really needs to focus on the comfort of the flat. You want to make sure that if you buy new furniture for instance, it is something that brings functionality and comfort for your room.

There are two key areas that you should focus on in your flat décor. The first is the ability to get proper rest. So make sure you go for a good bed and at least buy a proper pillow for yourself.

Secondly, you need to focus on the study environment. It is important that you have a good space for going through your notes and doing your work. You can always do some of your studying at the library but don’t try to fool yourself into thinking it is the only place where you will study.

Bring Home And Friends To You

You are also probably away from home and your old friends when you are studying and living in a student flat. Therefore it is important to make sure that you have some lovely things reminding you of home.

Firstly, it is very good and cheap idea to bring your home bedding with you for your new flat. Having the same sheets and pillowcases can really help make the flat feel more like your home.

Secondly, you also want to have some nice pictures surrounding you from your home. There are plenty of good cheap, modern canvas prints available for students to use on the walls. There are some good stickers you can buy from any supermarket to help you keep the canvases on the wall without damaging the it, for example.

Add Brightness

The most important thing you want to have in your student flat is some bright colour. It is really easy to start feeling a bit blue when you are away from home and you have three essay deadlines heading your way. But a splash of colour can help keep you motivated and energetic.

There are some clever little tips on how to decorate with colour in this House to Home article. Make sure you go with something bright and something that you like to look at.

Hannah Michaels likes to learn more about decorating and she is always hunting for budget-friendly decor ideas. When she isn't looking for some new ideas online she likes to spend time outdoors looking after her garden.