Tablet-Apps-StudentsAs technology evolves, our lifestyle has to change as well. Ever since the tablet has been introduced to us, we found it a very useful tool for our day to day life, especially for students. Yes, tablets are being recommended to most schools and universities these days. Though they are not totally required, still they have a great advantage for each student. If you are owning one, then you have to install these following apps to help you improve your studies:

1. Studious

This is a student planner app which lets you input your class schedule and add your homework or tests. The main use of this app is to avoid interrupting your classes and prevent your professor in getting mad at you. Once you have put your class schedule, Studious will automatically silence your device during those hours.

2. Write

A great app for keeping track of your lecture notes. Write has a really good interface which creates distraction-free note taking session. You can actually organize your notes into folders, so that you can easily browse or search for them when you need to review. Plus, you can sync it with your Dropbox, so that you can view your notes on any device you own.

3. Evernote

Evernote has been one of the best note-taking apps. This app lets you sync all your stuff (text, audio, photo and video) across multiple platforms.

4. Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Of course, you shouldn't miss a dictionary on your tablet. Dictionaries are an important part of the learning process. That is why you've got to download one, preferably a Merriam-Webster dictionary, because it's one of the most reliable dictionaries of all time. If you don't understand a word, then you can just search for the meaning of it through your dictionary. It will make your student life easier.

5. iAnnotate PDF

PDFs are part of student's academic life. Most of the readings that you encounter these days are distributed in this format, so it's better to have an app to help you organize them. You can add them to folder, read, search and annotate them. Additional options for this app are highlighting text, writing notes, circling, marking, etc.

6. iStudiez Pro

If you are such a forgetful person, then you have to download this app. This app basically keeps track of your deadlines and grades. All you have to do is to input your class schedule into the app and it will automatically remind you of the things you need to do.

7. Sleep If U Can Alarm

Also dubbed as the "world's most annoying alarm", Sleep If U Can Alarm is for the lazy bums. Each one of us are having hard time waking up every morning. We all admit to that. But this app won't let you miss your morning classes, because you will definitely wake up once it alarms. Sleep If U Can Alarm gives you two options to silent the alarm: 1.) shake your phone; 2.) physically go to the place shown on your screen, which is the bathroom sink, and take a picture.  

Maxene Denver is a research writer from Louisiana. She writes for best dissertation and being a writer is the happiest thing that ever happened to her.