New-World-AppsApps for Android and iPhone have changed the way we function in today's society in many different ways. From the ever popular "tip calculator" many people use in restaurants to the various alarm clocks and text messaging apps, you can find an app for anything. "There's an app for that" is a common phrase that usually starts a discussion of technology and typically results in the download of a new app. Apps range in categories anywhere from games and social media to utilities like the aforementioned tip calculator and tax preparation software.

Many of us spend our time on our phones utilizing text messaging apps and social media apps on the go. Moreover, if we ever need to browse the web while we wait for something, we have the whole internet readily available using web browsing apps. App developers make it possible for us to take our favorite things on the go, because it has become increasingly more important for the user to be mobile.

Because of this need for mobility and the relative ease of programming a mobile app, programming mobile apps has become a business boon for freelance coders and app programming agencies. An app programming agency is a firm that specializes in the production of apps for phones and tablets. Their business model relies primarily on the availability of skilled freelancers and their ability to program quickly and efficiently. Turnaround rates per project are typically in the ballpark of one to two weeks or less depending on the requirements of the client.

Jobs in app development have become commonplace, and programmers are paid anywhere from $50 to several thousand for well-constructed apps. Self-taught programmers and freelancers who go to coding school can net themselves many thousands of dollars in royalties for the download and use of their app, and monetize their creations using ads and subscription based business models. In fact, it is so easy to do that even professional game development companies provide free versions of their games that display ads to the user in order to make money from the game even if the user does not explicitly pay for the app.

Many freelancers hire themselves out to app developers that pay for the completion of projects of clients. These projects involve the coding of games, utilities, and even the modification of games to incorporate different elements. The freelancer earns their fee, while the client gains a new app to publish to the app store. In fact, many programming firms form through the union of several freelancers that once worked together on another project.

Freelancers will typically utilize their own coding software of choice, but many times development agencies pay for multiple user licenses of popular development kits. Typically, these licenses cost $50 per user per month, but can run much higher than that. App programming agencies employ as many as 5-10 freelance web developers at a time and often hire for the duration of a project. This means that the turnover rate per project is typically low, and most freelancers find themselves work that lasts for several weeks or more at a time.

It is because of the efforts of these technologically apt developers that we have the modern innovations of web browsing, text messaging, social media and games for mobile phones. Apps that revitalize our otherwise boring waits while at the doctor's office, standing in line at the grocery store, or even lounging in our own homes. If there is a need for a quick way to accomplish something on a mobile device, there is an app for that. And if there isn't, yet, there will be, soon.