Purple-Heart-Car-DonationsDid it ever occur to you to consider donating your automobile to support disabled veterans? When someone approaches you with a sign that says he or she is a war veteran in desperate need of help, your first thought is not to offer your car keys.

While doing so would probably gain you fifteen minutes of fame, there are far more sensible – not to mention tax-deductible – ways to offer your vehicle to charity. The Purple Heart Car Donation program is just one of many charitable organizations accepting such donations.

The Purple Heart car donations program dedicates all its time and effort to alleviating injuries suffered by war veterans during their service to our country. Sometimes, disabilities suffered are minor.

However, many veterans suffer from wounds so severe that their bodies and minds cannot function properly on a daily basis. It is difficult for them to hold on to steady employment and they are forced to rely heavily on the Veteran’s Administration and government aid.

While medical conditions like post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and nerve damage caused by war wounds only seem minor to everyone else, to a war veteran, the effect can be completely disruptive to civilian life. It becomes extremely difficult to make an honest living.

How Car Donations Can Be Aidful To Veterans

Purple Heart car donations recognizes the importance of basic veteran mobility. A donated car allows disabled veterans to transport themselves to and fro on a daily basis. This is a feat that, in some cases, cannot otherwise be achieved solely on VA benefits. Unfortunately, many veterans are stuck in limbo. They make just enough to make ends meet, but they cannot enjoy a comfortable life or even accumulate funds from part time jobs.

Oftentimes, the vehicle you donated is auctioned off to raise funds to support other programs that aid veterans. Through some programs, veterans are taught new skills that can be applied towards various fields of employment.

By donating your vehicle to Purple Heart car donations, you give back to the veterans who gave up so much to serve our country and preserve our freedoms.

Purple Heart car donations offer a worthwhile method of giving back to your community. Not only that, but the program makes the process extremely easy for you.

In order to donate your car, RV, truck, or other vehicle, simply fill out an online donation form through Purple Heart car donation’s official website, or call the Purple Heart Cars toll free telephone number to schedule a pickup.

The Mother Waddles Car Donation Program Is Another Reputable Car Charity

Mother Waddles is a car donation program designed to help car owners avoid the hassle of selling their cars for the benefit of individuals who are in need. Donated cars will be sold at the highest value and proceeds from the sale will be used to fund various programs that assist the less fortunate. For people who want to dispose of their cars, donating these cars to Mother Waddles is perhaps one of the best acts of generosity they can make.

Donation Process

Donating your car to the Mother Waddles program is actually very easy. Give them a call and they will pick your car up right away. Mother Waddles issues a tax-deductible receipt for the blue book value of the vehicle you donate, which you can determine by visiting www.kbb.com. Once your car is in the possession of the program they will set a price and sell it to the best buyer. The proceeds will be used to provide food and other necessities to people in the Michigan area who need assistance getting food, getting work, or getting financial assistance for school.

The great thing about this program is that they accept non-running cars. Instead of letting your car rot in your backyard, free up some backyard space while doing a bit of good at the same time by making a donation. The program will handle the hassles of selling your car for scrap metal, which means several hundred dollars in profits that can provide several warm meals for families.

The program was created in honor of Reverend Charleszetta Waddles, a single mother who spent her life helping her community fight off the ravages of poverty through fundraising and soliciting support from others in the community who were in the position to help those who were less fortunate. She has been featured in several TV shows such as Good Morning America, ABC News, and the Today Show. She has also been the subject of numerous published articles in Newsweek, Readers Digest, and Life Magazine.

Gabe Perry is a free-lance writer for a cash for cars company based out of New York, and has 15 years of experience in P.R and Journalism.