Ways-Save-EarthThe earth is our home and without it, we would not be alive. That’s why we need to ensure that we keep the earth as clean as possible. Unfortunately, some people believe we are too late. With pollution increasing every day, it seems like it’s an impossible task. Or is it? It is never too late. In fact, here are 5 simple ways you can save the earth.

1 - Use Green Energy

Most of us use electricity generated from nuclear or coal power. While these production plants produce significant amounts of energy, they produce a significant amount of pollution – gaseous, liquid and solid. Moreover, some of this waste is almost impossible to dispose of such as nuclear waste. That’s why it’s a smart idea to switch to green energy.

By switching over to electricity produced by clean methods, not only do you help save the planet directly, you help promote green energy production. This will help push the move towards a greener future possibly free of traditional power generation methods.

2 - Recycle Efficiently

Two things are harming the planet in more ways than you can think. They include landfill and production. Landfills not only create a plethora of harmful gasses, it makes land absolutely useless. Production requires massive amounts of resources, especially energy. The great thing is that both can be reduced easily.

If you have to throw out your trash, make sure you place your trash in the right bins. This will ensure that your trash can be recycled. Would you rather make 20 recycled aluminum cans or just 1 brand new one? Moreover, recycling reduces the space required at landfills.

3 - Plant a Tree

As humans, we have taken so much from our beloved planet, especially trees. As such, it is our job to give something back. To save the world, we must replace what we took and plant trees. Planting a tree not only helps clean the air, it helps clean the ground, offset pollution and makes our planet beautiful.

In fact, by planting 1 tree, you create almost 300 pounds of O2, remove pollutants and remove almost 800 pounds of CO2 from out atmosphere every year.

4 - Scheduled Car Maintenance

After a while, your car begins to produce more harmful emissions than ever before. Unless you perform scheduled maintenance on your engine and various other car components, you are producing excess emissions for no reason at all. If you really want to save the earth, take your car to your mechanic on its due date. Moreover, ensure your catalytic converter is working as it should.

5 - Spread the Word

No matter how hard you try to save the world, you can’t do it alone. That’s why you should spread the word and get others involved. Together, we can make a difference and save our dear planet. Together, we can create effects so large that they heal the very core of the planet itself.  A lot of small changes will add up, so the more people participating – the better!

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