SmartphonesIt is obvious that smartphones now run people’s lives. Whether on the bus, on a plane or in their car, people are likely to pull out their smartphones. In fact, when going out to dinner, it is easy to spot couples who are busy looking at their screens. This is in stark contrast to just a decade ago when people viewed phones with annoyance, and would only whip them out to make an important call. Now, here are a few reasons to explain why people now use their smartphones wherever they are.


Most individuals now have an email address as sending an email it is a great way to communicate. In fact, some younger people prefer this to phone calls or text message. Not only that, many small business owners depend on a constant connection to clients and partners. With this, many leave their email browsers open all the time. Other people want to take it on the go, so they opt to buy smartphone with the right apps. In fact, with chat programs, one can even converse with their friends using an email address. This should grow in popularity as people love to check for important messages throughout the day.

Social media:

Now, almost everyone has a Facebook account. Many others have Twitter feeds which they love to follow. In the past, this meant coming home and checking up on these social media sites. However, plenty of people now use their smartphones and can check up on friends with ease. Furthermore, since people love to use Facebook throughout the day, this is an easy way for people to check up on their buddies. Finally, with Facebook, users often create invites and set up parties or events. Without this app on a phone, one may find themselves bored on a Friday night. For this reason, most social media users love to take their smartphones when they leave the house.


People of all ages love to play games on their smartphone. Every few months, we hear of a new release that everyone loves to play. With this comes some competitiveness. This is the case when relatives and friends play Words with Friends or other games. Since most of them are easy to play and do not require much thought, many like to whip out their phones and make a move. This will continue to rise as the mobile app development is a growing industry with a lot of newcomers. When playing a realistic game, many can attest to this as some of the graphics and layouts leave players speechless.


People love to send text messages to their friends and loved ones. This is true for most generations as it is a cheap way to get in touch with people. Some companies even offer unlimited text messaging which guarantees that a person will use this feature often. Since this is the case, most people check their phones often as they eagerly await a text message from a spouse or good friend.

The Web:

When on public transportation or even sitting down in a park, people love to stay connected. One way in which smartphone owners do so is by going on the Web. With this, one can check up on weather, read their favorite newspapers or even check stock quotes. Of course, there are more practical things one will get out of the experience. When on the Web with a smartphone, one can get directions, check prices and even read reviews about local restaurants. This is extremely powerful and allows a person to reach the entire world at his or her fingertips.

There are multiple reasons why people love to keep their smartphones handy. This electronic device is something that has changed the way we live our lives. In fact, many feel that this is the biggest invention in a long time as so much has changed with this small device.