Apprentice-Business-Related-TV-ShowsBusiness based television shows have tried their best over the years not be thrown into the dreaded “reality TV” genre where they stand alongside such highbrow programming as Big Brother and Celebrity Love Island, but the reality – get it – is that this is really where they belong.

There are generally two contrasting viewpoints when it comes to business based television. The first is that such programmes are a good window on the world of business and make it a less intimidating and a more accessible environment for anyone who might have ambitions of entering it themselves. The contrasting view is that they do little more than parody business, showing an unrealistic view of how this world works and focusing more on creating “good TV” rather than something that people can actually benefit from.

What is the truth? It is probably somewhere in between. Of course, no one really believes that you get taken into a boardroom to be told “You’re fired” because you did one job particularly badly, but at the same time anyone who has been in a business situation will admit that the seemingly more ridiculous instances of bickering and back biting do happen on a regular basis.

In the search for the most accurate perception, we set out to find the best three business related TV shows. Note these aren’t necessarily the ones that teach you the most!

The Apprentice

The Apprentice is loved around the world in all the countries it is shown in for many reasons. Surely one of the biggest is that some of the ‘candidates’ on the show make so many ridiculous mistakes that a child could identify.

Although critics would say this dumbs down the business world, alternatively it could be seen as a great way to inspire people – “This person has no common sense and is very successful, imagine what you could achieve.”

Maybe the show would be better with a tweak in format so investment managers like ACPI and other large companies could look at the business ideas and proposals rather than just one person.

Dragon’s Den

If there’s one problem with Dragon’s Den and the derivatives of the show around the world, it’s that they miss a “real world” element of sorts by not having many people like Alok Oberoi on the panel who look at things purely from a financial perspective.

Yes, business people always look at the numbers, but it is often interesting to see the differences between an entrepreneur’s approach and that of someone who works in the finance industry.

Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares

This is definitely a show that falls into the “good TV” chase, but there’s nothing better than getting an expert’s view on something that is clearly going so drastically wrong. At the same time, often the problems are oh so simple to fix, so like The Apprentice it is a great opportunity to inspire yourself to do something with your own life.

All of these shows are fun and informative in their own way, and can teach you a lot about the world of business.

Jeffrey Miller isn't a huge lover of television but will watch business related shows when they're on. He is actually a business consultant for a living and enjoys helping people to improve their business' performance.