Design-Own-Bespoke-BathroomBespoke bathrooms are increasing in popularity day by day. Recent advancements in bathroom designing and manufacturing has fueled the trend of bespoke bathrooms. For those who are not familiar with the term, a bespoke bathroom simply means a custom-made bathroom. Some people have the perception that custom made or bespoke bathrooms are really expensive but it’s not true. A bespoke bathroom simply means that it is designed according to the instructions of the customer. Don’t worry if you can’t afford a professional designer, you can design your bespoke bathroom by yourself. All you need to do is ask yourself what you really need, what is your vision for a perfect bathroom, are you more comfortable with a traditional bathroom styling or would you prefer a more contemporary approach instead. Once you are clear about what you need you can start designing your bathroom. Remember that any bathroom accessories that you wish to purchase must complement the overall theme of your bathroom. Since you are the acting designer, you can also experiment on mixing the styles for example you can try to add some contemporary bathroom accessories while staying relevant to your traditional bathroom theme. In this article we will mention some points that can help you design your perfect bespoke bathroom.

Floor design:

Your bathroom’s floor is the central element of your theme. It is perhaps the most visible aspect too. Go out on a window shopping tour and try to look at as many bathroom floors as possible. Make a list of the designs that you like. Apart from the design you must also consider the material of the floor. For example a wooden floor goes well with a traditional bespoke bathroom theme while a plastic one complements a more complimentary approach.


A lot of people don’t give it enough thought and end up buying a poor quality mirror. The unspoken truth is that we all love to look at ourselves, in fact some people spend significant amount of time just looking at themselves in the mirror. For this reason we would advise you to install a full sized mirror in your bathroom. If you think that your bathroom space is not large enough then simply increase it, after all the whole concept of a bespoke bathroom is to get what you want.


Bathtubs have changed dramatically. They are available in different shapes and sizes. Today’s bathtubs can provide you hot water bubbles and massaging water jets, a complete Jacuzzi experience. The material of the bathtub will also matter. Ceramic bathtubs and stone resin bathtubs blend perfectly in a traditional theme. We will advise you to buy a large sized bathtub so that you enjoy relaxing moments with your partner.

Shower heads:

There are many advanced shower heads available in the market. If you like a continuous and unbroken stream of water then you can go with a waterfall showerhead, on the other hand if you prefer drizzling droplets then you can buy a rainmaker shower head that mimics a natural down pour.

Ariana Standwood is an architect and works on traditional bathroom designs. He has designed more than thousand custom made bathrooms for his clients and is one of the most sought after designers in the industry.