Find-Followers-On-TwitterIf you want to boost your amount of followers on Twitter then you need to find your interests first.  For business owners, this is more so true because you’ll find people from these interests who will want to follow you back.  Twitter is a great social media site that can aid any company in their SEO efforts but this entails having a great follower to following ratio and you cannot get that by simply finding as many people to follow.  You also need people to follow you back and you have to also have your tweets retweeted and you need to be mentioned in your follower’s tweets too.  If you want to get more followers on Twitter, you can find them by first finding your interests.

Find People with Common Interests

When you start on Twitter you probably followed everyone you know and everyone they know just to boost your numbers.  This includes anyone who started following you, they would get a follow back and while this can boost your numbers, you may not get the retweets and shares that you want from your account.  However, if you find people who are into the same things you are then you have a better chance at them interacting with you.  Also, this will be more productive for your SEO efforts and you’ll have a better chance at getting your website more traffic and a higher search engine ranking.  So don’t just follow people to follow them once you are doing well on the site, instead, follow those who can do something for you.

Find Similar Businesses

When searching for new people to follow you should look for similar businesses by using the same keywords that you used when you set up your account. This allows you to not only gain more followers, but you can also network with these companies to get more business.  Sharing information on Twitter is easy and this is a great way to do that on a forum that is different than formal business meetings or lunches.  You can promote their business and in return they will promote your company as a thank you and this helps with your marketing efforts.  While it is important to find similar businesses, they also have to be active on Twitter so make sure that they have recent and regular interaction on the site before following them.

Follow Backs Are Not Necessary

While many will tell you that it is only courteous to follow back those who follow you, this is not quite true.  There are many on Twitter who may follow you just to spam you or who may not be a good person to follow for other reasons.  Before you follow them, make sure you look at their profile and check out their followers and who they are following too.  This is not an issue if you have followers that you choose to pay for when you first signed up for your Twitter account.  While these followers will not interact with your account, they can offer you some SEO benefits and you can be assured that they are not spam.

When it comes to marketing on Twitter you have to remember to follow your interests, not just random people.  They may not understand your industry and may not care to share your tweets or offer you any mentions.  

Sharon Thomas has been an avid Twitter user for five years and is an expert at marketing on the site.