Four-Technologies-Revolutionized-Lives-ElderlyThanks to modern technology, we are now able to enjoy a high standard of living as we enter our golden years. These four technologies are among the most useful for senior citizens, and provide a wealth of benefits for those who use them:

Fall Detectors

Fall detectors are a great example of an advanced technology that helps the elderly maintain their independence while ensuring their safety. Fall detectors are ideal for individuals with arthritis and other conditions that place them at risk of falling. Fall detectors are small devices that are typically designed to be worn on the waist or chest. Once a fall is detected, the device sends an alarm to the designated receiver, who can be a nearby relative, friend, or medical center.

Health Monitors

Health monitors have a design that is similar to a wristwatch. This device works by monitoring pulse, body temperature, and movement. Over the course of several days, it familiarizes itself the wearer's normal health patterns. When something out of the norm is detected, it sends out an alarm for help to the designated receiver. Most health monitors allow the wearer to set the receiver, while others work on a community alarm network.

Assisted Living

Assisted living centers are much different than they used to be. Nowadays, these facilities offer advanced technology to residents and provide comfortable living arrangements with unique, home-like floor plans and layouts. In addition to this, assisted living facilities also provide organized activities and other amenities for their residents. Many facilities offer health monitors and video monitoring to all of their residents. Assisted living is an excellent option for elderly people who want to maintain some independence, but require professional care and supervision.

Hip Protectors

Hip protectors have changed the lives of countless senior citizens. These products are worn over underwear and have strong polypropylene shields sewn into the sides to protect the hips from fracturing. Hip protectors typically last up to six months before they need to be replaced. They are a great way to take preventative action against hip injuries and are ideal for individuals at high risk of falling, or those suffering from hip complications. These have enable many senior citizens who, once limited by fear of injuring themselves in a fall, are now returning to their active lifestyles.

Senior citizens can enjoy more independence with a little help from advanced technology. These four revolutionary technologies can prevent accidents and serious injuries from occurring. They can keep you or your loved ones safe at all times without you even needing to be present.

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