Gravitybox-AppUse The Gravitybox App To Add Useful Shortcuts To Your Phone’s UI

GravityBox is a module that runs on the Xposed Framework and is compatible with Jelly Bean and KitKat devices. It opens your phone up to a whole host of hacks and tweaks of the kind that would previously have required you to flash a new custom ROM to get. To get it up and running your phone must be rooted. 

Then download and install Xposed Installer from Open Xposed and go to Framework, then tap Install/Update to activate it. You’ll need to reboot when done. Next, reopen Xposed and go to the Download. Locate GravityBox and choose the right one for your device. Download and install it, then press Back and select Modules. Tick the box next to GravityBox then reboot once more to activate that. You’re now ready to start exploring GravityBox’s great features. 

1- Lockscreen Shortcuts

In GravityBox head to Lockscreen tweaks. Here you can configure how the lockscreen works when you don’t have a pattern lock set. Tap Unlock ring settings and tap On to add as many as five app shortcuts to the unlock ring. 

2- Battery Notification

Next in the Lockscreen tweaks is Show battery arc. Tapping this adds a nice visual flourish to the unlock ring, showing the status of the battery inside it. This tweak will not work if you use security to lock your screen. 

3- Get Quick Torch Access

Finally on the lockscreen tweaks is the Enable torch setting. This is a simple one: hold down the unlock ring on your lockscreen and the LED flash on your phone will illuminate. Long press it again to turn it off. 

4- The Ever-Present App Launcher

From the GravityBox main screen, locate Navigation bar tweaks and select that. Tick Enable navigation bar (even if you’ve already got one) then Show app launcher key. Now press Back and find and select Application launcher. 

5- Choosing Your Apps

Pick up to eight apps you want to assign to this omnipresent app launcher. You can also choose shortcuts to common tasks you perform. When done, reboot your phone – you’ll see the app launcher icon in the Navigation bar. Tapping that will show the apps. 

Installing Problem Apps

An app in the Play store listed as incompatible with your phone? Don’t worry about it… 

It’s a fact of life with Android that you will, from time to time, come across apps that are listed on the Play store as being incompatible with your device. Sometimes there’s a good reason for this – a high-end game that won’t run on low-end hardware, for example. Other times it seems like an entirely arbitrary restriction. You can get around the problem by editing the build.prop file in the System folder.

You need root access to locate this file. build.prop containsidentifying information for your phone, and by changing howit identifies itself to the Play store you can access apps thatwere previously unavailable. 

1- The Build.Prop Editor

Get Build Prop Editor from the Play store, launch it and grant root privileges. The first task is to ensure you’ve got a backup of your build. prop file, so open the sidebar and tap Create backup. You will also restore it from here should you wish to in future. 

2- Change The ID

In the main window, scroll down to ro.product.model, tap on it and change the Property Value to that of a different Android device. You may need the product code rather than its common name, for example, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the I9505. 

3- Reboot And Test

You may also need to change the ro.product.manufacturer value to that of the manufacturer. When you are finished, you will be prompted to reboot. Do this and then test that it works. You can restore your backup if not, or make further changes.

This article is written by Prateek who is a avid Technology blogger. Read more about Android Tweaking on his blog