High-Tech-Home-AmenitiesThe world we live in is amply technologically advanced, and only seems to be getting more so by the minute. Technology drives almost every aspect of our lives. It’s only fitting that high tech amenities have been integrated into our homes. High tech amenities and all they have to offer are appealing, but certainly not necessary and may even be considered impractical.  Here are five fun examples of things you might not need, but likely wouldn't mind having!

Technology at Your Front Door

High tech amenities can start at the front door. Key less entry is a mainstay when it comes to vehicles and now you can have the same advantage with your front door. Placing your finger on a fingerprint scanner, controlling the lock via an app on your smart phone, or even disarming your security system with a key fob are a few of the high tech ways to get into your home without the use of keys.

High Tech Running Through Your Walls

Now that you are home, it is time to relax. A fully automated environment allows you to have the perfect amount of light to go with your favorite music. Integration systems within the walls of your home coordinate lights and music for whatever mood you are in without having to load a CD player or even put your iPod on a docking station.

Cooking and Baking with Technology

With everything set just right for a relaxing evening, it is time to make dinner. High tech appliances are an extravagance that you can undoubtedly get used to. Appliances are now Wi-Fi ready and can be linked to an app on your phone. You can control the oven from anywhere with the help of your phone. We all know a watched pot never boils; so why not catch up on your favorite shows on the TV screen that slides out from the top of the stove?

Leave the Cleaning to the Robots

Dinner is made and you are ready to enjoy your meal while looking out at the wonderful views. It is too bad your windows are spotted and smudged. Don’t worry! High tech amenities can save you here too with a robotic window cleaner. This robot passes over windows and cleans them without any effort. Now you can enjoy the vast rolling hills and sunset just beyond them.

Although we might not need these high tech amenities, we sure do want them! Key-less entry, automated environment, Wi-Fi enabled appliances, and robots that do your cleaning might just spoil us. High tech homes are becoming a more common thing, and experts (such as Joan Pletcher Realtor and expert in Ocala luxury homes) suggest that resale value can be dramatically increased by the little fun amenities. Consider what fun things you could add, you might be surprised to find that some are worth the investment!