road-trip-appsGoing for a road trip usually means a long drive to a distant place with either your friends and family. If going with the former it can be really fun, but even then it is possible that you need that extra zing to make your trip interesting. One of the choices is to load up your electronic device with apps you can use on the road. Even before going on a road trip, small apps can tell you whether it is better to reserve a plane ticket or to wash and prepare your car. Yes, it is like a calculator to help you figure out what is the best, and sometimes cheapest way to start your road trip.

Picking one is impossible

It is inevitable that you do not drive sometimes, but if you are going by car it is important that you think and plan ahead. For that reason you can use some apps that help you plan your route and can point out gas pumps, even restaurants and motels. OnTheWay is an app that is used worldwide.Going with a car implies you want good weather so you can enjoy the view and not get buried by snow. The Weather Underground’s roadtrip planner app lets you monitor the slightest changes in the weather and helps you plan the best time to have your road trip.

If you plan a scenic route, you can use the Field Trip app that points out famous landmarks or places worth visiting, and the best is you can share your experience as well. There are apps that let you upload your impressions and even your photos.

Perhaps the best app to choose is something similar to a GPS, just in case. An interactive map is always welcome to any good driver. Waze is an excellent choice.

Apps can be fun too

If you get bored, have no fear as there is a plethora of game apps you can easily and freely download to your electronic device. From the most popular games that can entertain you for hours to the more mass-friendly games. You can download games like Candy Crush Saga that you can play with your friends via Internet. Some game apps however can give you road trip games that you can play while in the car with your friends. Some apps, though, let you have fun with taking pictures and perhaps sketching attractions. On the other hand you have apps that help you if you are planning on keeping a road trip diary.

Every road trip comes to an end

Apps can help you preserve precious memories made on road trips and helps you sort them out or even create pictures. Services like Postercandy allows you to choose your pictures and print them out. Now memories do not have to be memories only. You can also create a poster if you like, from a scenic picture you took. Definitely if you have the option pack a few apps to bring with you for your next road trip.