3D-PrintingBy now, you’re probably familiar with what 3D printing can achieve. In fact, 3D printing and its many wonders, have trickled throughout the internet and it’s not just tech lovers like us that are reading about this new tech. Anyone that’s shown 3D printing is in awe of the near-magical capabilities the new technology has.

Being able to quickly to print designs out of malleable plastics is pretty cool and it’s certainly becoming part of the future. However, can it revitalize industries that have grown stale? Can it breathe new life into sectors that have become dated and out of touch?

We’d like to think so and as such, we’ve been doing some research. There are at least 3 industries out there that will be revitalized by the advent of 3D printing. Whether or not these industries have their own manufacturing processes already in place is irrelevant; 3D printing will change everything. These industries however, are set to benefit from 3D printing more than most.

The Food Industry: Confectionary

Every year, convention halls and hotels become home to the Consumer Electronic Show and 2014’s show was a good year for 3D printing. Pioneer 3D Systems had something pretty special to show off at this year’s CES, a product called the ChefJet. As you might expect, the ChefJet is a 3D printer that quite literally prints food.

The ChefJet is able to print candy by using a mixture of sugar and wheat that forms candy in real time. The regular ChefJet can only print in monochrome, retailing for less than $5,000. Meanwhile, the ChefJet Pro will be able to print multi-colored sweets and chocolate that will retail around the $10,000 mark.

These prices might sound steep to you or I, but the catering industry is used to high numbers. Besides, what the ChefJet is offering, caterers and candy companies will be pleased to put their money where their mouths are. You might be wondering why 3D printing will make such a device in the confectionary business.

Well, we’ve been eating the same sort of candy for the best part of a century now and design is playing an ever big role. With the ability to print new and fun designs, candy creators will be able to catch people’s attention before they’ve even had a taste. This is just the beginning though, as 3D printed food could be everywhere soon.

Technology Prototypes

It might be a little ironic that technology birthed 3D printing and now it’s going to be helping the industry. However, 3D printing will allow designers to better prototype their designs. New devices don’t just happen overnight and while the internals of a new smartphone or tablet might be ready to go, the outside is even more important. In a world of mobile phones that all look the same, hardware design has become one of the few ways that manufacturers can differentiate themselves. Going from design-to-design isn’t easy though and it can be a costly process as well.

In the tech industry, creating prototypes can be expensive, especially in the early stages of product development. 3D printing can enable companies to create hardware prototypes of devices that they can use to hone the design process of their upcoming devices.

Engineering Solutions

Some of the biggest and toughest questions in modern history have been solved through clever engineering. We’re not talking about what type of metal something is made out of here. Rather, this is more about smart engineering, how loads are carried and weight distributed. A lot of the time, the answer is in the details when it comes to engineering solutions. Such concepts can be expensive and difficult to prove, and heavy construction hinges on small details.

However, 3D printing comes to the rescue once again with the ability to create samples of new fixings, nuts and bolts. These prints aren’t strong enough to be thrown into action, but it does give engineers a better idea as to how they might act. GE is already getting in on the act and they plan to 3D print certain parts. It’s clear that for the future, a smarter solution, such as 3D printing will usher in the next age of great engineering.

So, these are just a few industries that will be revitalized by the revolutionary technology that is 3D printing. From colorful candies to quicker prototyping, 3D printing can help in huge ways. A lot of them are cost effective, but more often than not, 3D printing offers creators a way test things that weren’t possible to test before.