Science-and-BusinessPeople might assume that the only careers for biology majors are research related. Or that the only option for business specialists is to start their own company. However, when you specialize in both science and business, there are a surprising amount of interesting and profitable careers to consider for future employment.

Technology Transfer

Technology transfer is essentially taking the advancements in technology from governments or universities and making them widely accessible for more commercial use and better research opportunities. Those who work in technology transfer focus on bringing new and developing sciences into the business world. This can vary from pharmaceutical research to renewable energy companies.

Biotech Companies

Biotechnology is nothing new in the world of science and business. It combines scientific study of biology and other sciences with technology at hand to create modifications to everyday life and build industries. These practices are often controversial but usually make some way to improve efficiency of food production or man-made resources. Arguably one of the most altruistic forms of biotechnology is genetic research and testing.

One of the business aspects of biotech is working with companies to generate interest in a product or further research on it. This requires a deeper understanding of the scientific process as well as a set of skills to thrive in the business world.

Public Relations

Some of these careers can seem like they come with some amount of controversy. If you’re worried about research in the name of science being dragged through the mud, consider a career to help point out the benefits of these studies and projects. A job in public relations for a science-based company will utilize knowledge about science and marketing to advance and explain scientific endeavors.


If you want all the insider information like a government official with the geekiness of scientific studies and advancements, biodefense could be just the right field for you. It combines two things that are hard to comprehend – microorganisms and national security. Fields of biosecurity and biodefense work closely with the Center for Disease Control and the national government to protect citizens from the threat of a bioterrorist attack.

Renewable Energy Development

One constantly developing area of business is the field of renewable energy. From windmills to dams, big companies are looking to invest in this profitable source of income. A couple of genius entrepreneurs in Wisconsin have done just that by buying older dams and converting them for their own needs. Whether you’re more interested in the million dollar energy business or just in the way concrete grouting and hydraulics work together, renewable energy is a field where you can definitely utilize both your science and business chops.

To achieve many of these careers, it will take more than just a regular science or business degree. In the past four or five years the professional science master’s degree has become more widely available and accepted as a means for combining science and business. These degrees help those scientifically minded people find a place for themselves in the professional business world.

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