Buy-Tumblr-Followers Tumblr is really just another social media site; however, if we go by the experience of other people, it’s one of the few social websites out there that’s actually being indexed by Google. Thus, if you get the word out on your website by using Tumblr, you benefit from having Tumblr links counted towards your ranking on Google.

However, you don’t just create a Tumblr account and link it to your website. In order to make your links really have weight in your ranking, you need Tumblr followers. While you can manually build followers by asking your Facebook and Twitter followers to also follow you on Tumblr, could also buy Tumblr followers.

It might come as a shock to you, but there are websites out there that sell Tumblr followers. You can search for them on Google if you want to buy Tumblr followers now. However, you should know that not all sellers of Tumblr are created alike, and while there are those that sell real human followers, there are those that sell followers that were automatically created.

Both types of followers will greatly benefit your ranking, however, if you have any experience in marketing your website online, you already it’s not enough to rely on Google to bring you new customers. Thus, said, whenever possible you should only buy Tumblr followers that are real humans who can bring your more business.

How much do Tumblr followers cost? They’re relatively cheap. The cheapest one we found is $20 for 200 followers. If you want to save money, buy in bulk. Buying 400 followers typically cost $30. Meanwhile, 800 usually cost $50. If you want something cheaper, search for Tumblr followers on Fiverr. If you don’t know what Fiverr is, it’s one website where you can buy a variety of internet marketing related products for only $5.

In order to make the most of your followers, you should make your Tumblr channel as useful, interesting and as controversial as it can be. If you want our advice, upload pictures and interesting stories that are related to your blog. Make your followers want to become involved in your channel by commenting or sharing.

While having many Tumblr followers will not make your rich overnight, investing time and money in building your channel will create exposure to your website, and it will only build up with consistent effort.

As we said earlier, this social media website is one of the few that’s being indexed and are ranking on Google. Take advantage of this fact by putting your keyword in the title of your content. If you’re uploading a picture, make sure the picture’s file name contains your keyword.

But of course, you can’t rely on Tumblr for all your link building efforts. When you create a channel on Tumblr, you should do so with the goal of leveraging the power of social media and Google links. So, create interesting content while at the same time optimizing them.