Mythical-Sea-Creatures-Science-0204Marine biology has proven to be extremely helpful throughout the years. It has helped prove that a number of mythical sea creatures are actually real and has turned people on to marine biology colleges. Below is a list of the top 10 mythical sea creatures that are proven to be real thanks to marine biology.

1. Giant Oarfish

The Giant Oarfish, which is also sometimes called the king of the herrings, is the world's largest bony fish. This giant fish can grow to 55 feet in length and can live 1,000 meters under the ocean's surface. As a result, this fish is very rarely seen. However, when it is seen, it is easy to understand why it spun tales of a giant sea serpent.

2. Dugong

It was said that Christopher Columbus saw mermaids while sailing near Haiti. As it turns out, his description perfectly described dugong. Very closely related to the manatee, the dugong is slimmer than the manatee and lives almost strictly in water. Over the years, marine biologists believe that many people have confused the dugong with mermaids.

3. Colossal Squid

One of the greatest mythical sea monsters of all time is the Kraken. Thanks to marine biology, we now know that the Kraken from legend was likely a Colossal Squid. These squids come with sharp hooks, which makes them extremely deadly. Although they live deep in the ocean, sightings of these huge squids are possible.

4. Plesiosaurs

This is the sea creature that gave rise to the Loch Ness Monster. This long-necked creature is believed to have gone extinct long ago in the Cretaceous Period. However, there are still some believers who say that some of the beasts have lingered into modern times. Their appearance has changes some over the years, but their long necks remain. 

5. Beaked Whale

The Beaked Wale, also known as the Sea Owl, is a mythical sea monster from the medieval times. Legend said it was huge in size and able to destroy ships with its sharp beak. Since this creature lives deep in the water and rarely comes up for air, most of the specimens marine biologists have found were washed ashore.

6. Great White Whale

One of the most well-known great white whales is Moby Dick. However, marine biologists have learned that Moby Dick was inspired by an actual white whale called Mocha Dick. This whale was given this name since it lived off the coast of the Mocha islands.

7. Whale

Although the great white whale is on this list, whales in general have made this list. It is believe that whales were once the mystical creatures known as leviathans. In fact, this word in Modern Hebrew simply means “whale.” 

8. Python

Korean legend tells the tale of a monster known as Imoogi. This was a python that was believed to be a juvenile dragon. Imoogi was believed to live in water. It turned out that Imoogi was nothing more than an overgrown python that loved marshlands.

9. Japanese Giant Salamander

Japanese-Giant-SalamanderThe Japanese giant salamander has found itself in folklore as the Kappa. This is supposed to be a creature that waits in the water to drag people in. It is possible that a giant salamander would be able to do this.

10. Dolphins

Long ago, dolphins were mistaken for water horses. It was believed that if you got on the back of a water horse, you would be dragged down to the bottom of the ocean, and it would feed on your liver. Now we know that dolphins are actually pretty friendly creatures.