HDD-Regenerator-SoftwareOne of the worst things that can happen to your PC is a hard disk that becomes inaccessible. Luckily, there are some software solutions at your disposal that will save your data and prolong the life of your hard drive so you can save everything: HDD regenerator is one of them.

A damaged hard drive is a nightmare to every PC owner. Imagine having all your data neatly saved on your hard drive and the drive stops responding all of the sudden, or some parts of it become inaccessible. When this happened to me, I thought: “That’s it, it’s over, I lost all of it.” As I cried out about it on my Facebook, a friend of mine brought some hope – he said that there is software that can save all my data. This is how I found out about HDD regenerator.

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The cause of HDD failure: bad sectors

As I soon found out, one of the most common issues with hard drives is the existence of bad sectors that appear on its surface. If a hard drive has bad sectors, you won’t be able to recover any data that is written on that part of the hard drive. There are hard and soft bad sectors.

The most usual cause of hard bad sectors is physical damage. Hard bad sectors may come from the factory itself – there is margin for error and some of them are allowed. Now, as we have two types of hard drives; solid state drives and traditional magnetic drives, there are also various causes of bad sectors.

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Solid state drives (SSD) suffer from bad sectors because of the natural wear; the same sectors are used many times and they become unusable after a while. Luckily, solid state drives have extra memory that is used to remap the data from bad sectors so you don’t lose it. After this memory runs out, the capacity of your drive will drop.

The existence of bad sectors on traditional, magnetic hard disk drives is usually due to physical damage – they were dropped, they were damaged by dust or because of a manufacturing error. Natural wear also plays a role, but it is not as prominent as with solid state drives.

There is also a possibility of having soft bad sectors: they are caused by software issues. The most common way soft bad sectors appear is as a result of a power outage; if your PC loses power suddenly, there’s a possibility this happened while the disk was writing to a sector. More reasons include malware programs and virus infections.

How to protect your data?

The most important way you can protect your data is by having regular backups of it. This way, even with a damaged hard drive, you won’t suffer any real losses. If you aren’t one of those people who do backups regularly (like me), you will have to resolve to other means: you will have to find a piece of software that will make it possible to access your data. Every PC operating system has their own built in software that may help to some extent, but in most cases you will need more powerful software. This is where HDD regenerator comes into play.