Green-Energy-Technologies-For-Home-ImprovementWith whole world taking up going green ideology, even you at home should embrace it. It’s not only the industries that are being advised to use green energy technologies, it’s everyone. For your home, going green will result in energy saving as well as financial saving. There’s nothing better than having a few extra coins for you to keep. In light of this here are the top ten most effective green energy technologies and solutions for your home.

Solar water heater

The initial expense of installation might put you off but the long run saving benefits should attract you more. Solar water heaters make use of the sun’s heating power to offer you hot water in your home for all domestic uses. Hence, the green aspect comes in from using the sun’s renewable energy.

Wind generator

Another natural source of energy; wind, moving air. The common misconception is that installation of wind generators requires one to live at extremely low or high areas where the winds that blow are strong. This is not the case since for domestic use, a wind generator just needs the simple wind that we experience. There are a couple of varieties to choose from when it comes to wind generators. Take your favorable pick.

Put up a solar array

This is for all your electricity solutions. Again the cost of installation could be quite overwhelming but this device’s durability and efficiency are definitely worth the price. It can be used for generations if you ask me.

Seal your home

This is basically insulation. It can be done in two ways: professionally by an expert who will definitely charge a handsome amount of money, or you can do it yourself little by little before winter comes around. Sealing your walls will help preserve indoor heat therefore minimizing on the usage of air conditioning. It will also prevent walls from being cooled from outside and cooling the household. 

Double pane windows are the way to go

Double pane windows trap in as much heat as possible with almost negligible heat being able to escape. It is an expensive process but very durable compared to the cheap option of sealing your windows with a plastic film. Yet again you’ll be warmer and a couple of coins richer in winter!

Rain water harvesting

Collecting rain water is part of the going green movement. The equipment is quite affordable and easy to put up hence you can buy the parts and go the extra mile of assembling them together to create the system.

Stay in check with an energy monitor

This green energy technology for home will enable you to keep count of the energy being used at any particular time. The figures are bound to make you cut down on misusing energy in your home. Plus, it is an affordable device.

Go the smart way with smart power strips

The name tells it all. It’s a smart world and this device is an example of such. It is programmed to sense areas that require energy and those whose supply needs to be cut off due to being full. This also saves you from doing all that unnecessary work yourself.

Consider using a HVAC system from Energy Star

This is an air conditioning device. Air conditioning of homes has been known to be a very expensive necessity since most devices have no ability to regulate air conditioning as per urgency. The Energy star HVAC system will cool and heat your home when necessity arises.

Invest in Energy Star appliances 

From fridges to washing machines, Energy Star has all what you need in your process of going green. They use much less electricity and water during operation hence allowing your bills to go easy on you every month.

With all these green energy technologies and solutions for home you will be a great green champion in this world. Consider them before it’s too late.

Author Bio- This post has been written by Tressy Jones. She loves to write about Home and Office Improvement. She recommends Modern Office for providing best conference table chairs.