Energy-Efficiency-Smartphone-AppsIf you can save energy in any way, you will do it, I am sure. But, the main question is how to save this energy? Actually, very simple. Like you all know, today smartphones have applications for everything, from games and weather forecast to how to cook your dinner. That is the way to save energy in your household, with an application! I know it might sound silly, but this applications are really serious, useful and accurate. So, here is the top 3 Energy efficient applications for smatrpones:

  1. One-Stop Lightng Shop

This application is very useful for your home and also for your health. How? Well, lightbulbs are all around us. In every room there is at least one, but most of the time you have 2 or 3 lights around the room. So, if you buy too bright lightbulb or quite the opposite, you will spend much energy hence bigger bills, but your eyes may hurt, due to wrong light. This application helps you choose the lightbulb that matches your perferences. But, it will also calculate how much will you save if you use that lightbulb. This little application is available for Android and Apple.

  1. Kill-Ur-Watts

If you want more savings then just from lightbulbs, then this is application for you. It is great application for keeping track on your energy use and after some time ti can give you a solution on how to be more energy efficient. It is great application with which you can see your energy use with graphs and you will know where you spend most of your energy. It is an application made by the Department of Energy's ''Apps for Energy''

  1. FuelGood

Now that your home is energy efficient, you can do the same with your car. Not your entire car with this application, but a fuel consumption, which is a big part of car energy. J Yes, this application is about fuel and how many money and fuel can you save. This application lets you gauge your fuel efficieny and the money for GPS to track your location and not wondering around looking for it. It has some pretty good arguments (we won't tell you every one here) and it can even make your driving habits better. This little application is available for Android and Apple smartphones.