Personalized-Domain-Name-Good-BusinessesA recent development in the dot com arena is the introduction of personalized domain name. Domain names allow entrepreneurs to have a professional web presence. Like any other trade name, brand or logo, these names also represent the nature of the business, to which the user can associate. Domain name is the first thing that a user approaches while searching on the search engine. With a personalized domain name, creating a brand and also enhancing the online presence becomes easy. You can develop your site later, but should register the name well in advance.

Gives a competitive edge

A host of advantages is attached to these personalized names. It acts like having an address for your business, through which users can make transactions and gives a competitive edge over other businesses. Businesses can make them stand apart by using the name of the enterprise as domain name. There are a number of reasons which makes it good for businesses of all sizes.

  • It is easy to remember.
  • Users can recall the name and refer to it, for purchasing services.
  • Even if you change the web hosting provider, your email id will be constant all through.
  • With your domain name, you can promote a number of products and services from one platform.
  • These domains carry more credibility than any online marketer.

Improves ranking in search engine

With a personalized domain name, you can improve the search engine ranking of your website. Having a domain with your name can place you in the first page of the search engine. In case you cannot secure a domain name with your name, you can opt for a one that will have reference to your business. So, it is important to secure a personalized domain at the earliest. It is good for businesses of all sizes to have an email address and domain that reflects a high level of professionalism. These personal domains also reflects

  • Integrity
  • Shows the commitment of the business of using technology.
  • Creates a brand of the business.
  • Users are attracted to unique domain names as it represents the business.

True web presence

It gives a true web presence to the business that is missed through third party domains. You can promote yourself and affiliate sites with these domain names through branding. With your web presence, you can increase the credibility of your services. In internet marketing list is one of the effective ways of fetching success. In case, you are also promoting various affiliate businesses by utilizing their auto-responders, then you might miss out other opportunities. For this, you need a capture page by using auto-responder to gather their information, prior to directing them to your affiliate site.

First step to online transaction

In case, you want to detach the affiliate sites from the website of your business, without deterring the rank of the site it is easy to change the content of the site, remove those links, add new ones and maintain the web presence. It also gives an opportunity to obtain different domains with suffixes like .org, .net, .me, for instance, which is good for businesses of all sizes. It also saves time of users who want to reach the site of a particular service provider. In short, having a personalized domain name is the first step to outline a future in internet marketing and other allied transactions and businesses.

Owing to these different advantages, the big names that dominate the web world and also other trades have applied for extension of domains. These will help then in creating their identity and brand. These personalized domain names can change the overall experience of users to browse the internet. This will also make the search more focused and targeted.

Author Bio: Peter Thompson is a web developer and also writes blogs on the subject. Through his sit, he gives tips that are good for businesses of all sizes. He elucidates the benefits of personalized domain names.