Good-SEO-TechniquesIncreasing traffic with SEO can be a hard thing to do if you are not aware of what techniques are best. While there are plenty of websites out there that are thriving because of their SEO, there are also countless amounts of other sites that are failing because their SEO isn't where it should be. It doesn't matter if you are new or are already holding a decent ranking, these techniques can help you reach your goals.

Link Building

Many of you have probably already know that link building is a major part of SEO, but a lot of people don't realize that the type of websites they post their links on also determines how successful their link building campaign will be. A good amount of webmasters will try and post their links on any site that will allow them to, which can actually end up hurting their site's rankings as well as reputation.

A good way to think of link building is by trying to increase your overall reputation with major search engines as well as the audience you are posting to. So, if Google sees that your website is associated with a lot of low ranking and low traffic websites, then they will rank you as such. Now, if they see that your site is being linked to high PR sites, then your site's credibility increases and allows them to rank you higher.

Your goal should be to find relevant sites that have already established a good Page Rank with Google so that each link you have attached to your link profile can be considered high quality. If you are having a hard time finding these types of sites or don't want to spend the time and effort on it, then you can use services that make it easy. A great place to find relevant high PR backlinks would be from SupremacySEO. By using high PR services like this, you will have a much easier time obtaining a healthy link profile and will see dramatic results.

Consistent Content Creation

While consistent content creation and link building can go hand in hand, content can also be posted on your site for SEO purposes as well. A popular example would be having a blog regarding your niche. Each post gives you the chance to rank on specific keywords and will also provide a lot of value to your visitors. Having high traffic and valuable content will automatically increase your SEO, so coming up with consistent content will ensure that not only your visitors are happy, but will also attract more targeted traffic.

Blogging is just an example of content creation. You could also do things such as coming up with high quality videos, a podcast, or even having experts in your niche guest post on your website. It doesn't matter what way you go, the more quality content you post, the better it is for your site.

Proper Keyword Research

Targeting specific keywords is what makes you get traffic that will actually help you achieve your goals. They attract targeting traffic, which means that the people who are interested in those keywords will also be most likely interested in what your website offers. So for example, if you are running an online retail store that sells designer shoes, you could try and rank higher for terms that will attract people who are actually interested in buying designer shoes.

Unfortunately, there are still plenty of people who decide to try and rank for terms that don't really help them achieve their goals. Going back to the previous example of designer shoes, what would the term "How to Design Shoes" actually achieve? Although it can be considered relevant to designer shoes, it doesn't actually help you sell shoes in your store. While this example might be a bit obvious, there are plenty of people who try to do similar strategies.

You will also need to do research on your competition to make sure that the efforts you put in will actually get you ranked. Don't try to target a keyword that is extremely popular because that means it is going to take much more work and dedication to get ranked on it. You should try and find a good balance between the amount of potential traffic from the keyword and how popular the keyword is.

Get Involved With Social Media

Social media sites have become the most popular thing to do on the internet. Over a billion people use social media sites every day, so it is safe to say that they are an amazing place to attract traffic and also get some good SEO recognition. Search engines use the interactions within social media sites to help rank, so you should be spending a good amount of time trying to get traffic from social media.

Imagine this, you post something of high quality from your blog onto a social media site. Your current followers read it and then decide they want to share it with their friends. Then those friends end up sharing it, and then next thing you know, your site's traffic dramatically increases. Not only does this bring you traffic, but each time someone reads, likes, or shares the content, search engines account for it. So now, that post is ranked much higher due to the attention it is getting. There are plenty of social media strategies you can implement, so use the one that best fits your niche and target audience.


There are so many different SEO techniques out there, but these 4 have proven to be well worth the effort. Although they do take time and effort to implement properly, they can really make a difference and be worth it in the end. Like I mentioned earlier, you can also use services to assist with these techniques if you find yourself strapped for time or don't feel like doing them yourself. The important part is that you eventually get ranked higher and meet your traffic goals.