Music-Games-for-Music-EnthusiastsMusic nowadays is something you can conveniently enjoy as smartphones, portable media players, and other mobile devices can carry all the songs you like and even connect to the Internet to obtain more music. And if listening to songs is not enough, you also have the option to play music-themed games using your smartphone or tablet.

Interested in playing great music games? Consider the following excellent options below:

1.) Cytus

This music mobile game from Rayark Inc. offers an exciting musical gaming experience. It features a futuristic story wherein sentient beings have already become extinct and robots are the only ones capable of having emotions. To keep these emotions or the ability to feel in the robots, a player has to convert emotions to music and store these emotions in a system called Cytus. The player needs to follow along the active scan line in the game and tap on the notes shown.

Cytus features 94 songs from various genres with 188 variations. It also has an intuitive interface, a variety of display modes, and different levels of difficulty and challenges. For some players, however, the game may not be that attractive given the noticeably large size (400 MB). Downloading and installing it could take some time and a considerable amount of space.

2.) SongPop

Who doesn’t like some trivia in their free time? Music enthusiasts, in particular, would be very enthusiastic answering questions about songs and artists. Song Pop Game is a casual song guessing game that features thousands of song clips from a multitude of artists from a wide range of genres. The songs are from contemporary hits to classics, from country to hip hop. New music is added to the collections every week, so you will feel that you are always “in tune” with the times. SongPop is also a social game as it facilitates games between friends or other music fans.

3.) 4 Pics 1 Song

A visual guessing game for music lovers, 4 Pics 1 Song is certainly one addictive game. This highly popular game has been downloaded and played by millions of mobile gamers. It is low on system requirements but is high on the fun and gratification. The goal in the game is to guess the song title hinted by the four pictures displayed in each level. Coins will be accumulated as songs are guessed. These coins can be used to reveal letters if you encounter difficulties guessing the right song.

4.) Icon Pop Song

Interested in challenging your pop music memory skills? Icon Pop Song is one game you should try. It features clips of acoustic versions of many of the popular and iconic songs from the past and the present. This s a simple guessing game you can enjoy on your own or with your friends during get-togethers. It comes with the options to skip clips and get hints. Additionally, it has social networking considered with the inclusion of the ability to share your game on Facebook. You can also get help from friends on Facebook if you encounter difficult tracks.

5.) Song Quiz: Guess Radio Music

Yes, this game’s name does not sound exciting but it does not mean it does not offer any excitement. The very concept of the game itself is enough to make any music enthusiast spend some time with this game. It’s also free so trying it shouldn’t hurt. You can find it on the Google Play Store so it should be enough indication that this does not get you viruses, malware, or other possible problems.

6.) Music Hero

Bluntly speaking, Music Hero is a Guitar Hero knockoff. But who cares? This music rhythm game is fun and exciting. It even offers the option to play songs from your own music collections. It plays mp3 music files. Of course, there are songs preloaded in the game just in case you don’t have any in your Smartphone or tablet. There are three game difficulty levels to deal with: simple, standard, and expert.

Enjoy listening to music clips while gaming through the music-themed games listed above. They’re all free so there’s no reason to hesitate giving them a try.

About the author: Jimmy R. is an obvious music lover with all his high quality earphones and portable speakers inseparable from him.