Making-Your-Company-WebsiteA website is the virtual front door to your company. It is the initial point of contact, allowing people to access the the products and services being offered by the organization. Having a good website builds an online presence and improves brand recognition and customer satisfaction. That’s why it’s very important to carefully consider some factors before starting with the process of building the website. Here are some of the points which you must keep in mind.

Remember the Ultimate Purpose


It's necessary to remember the ultimate purpose of the website. It could either be business, corporate or e-commerce. You have to make sure that your website has a clear cut purpose which is integrated into the site at the initial stage.

For example, a typical business website looks very different from an e-commerce one. Both are seeking different conversions and cater to a different kind of audience. So, before trying out any thing, remember what you want out of your website.

Don’t Exceed Your Budget


How much you spend on your website will depend on how you envision your website. Do you need a highly sophisticated website or will a simple one serve your purpose? For example if your website is meant to sell products and services, it needs to be more sophisticated than the one that only showcases your portfolio. So, based on your needs you can decide your budget and look for a designer accordingly.

Choose the Right Domain Name


There are two parts in a domain name. The first part is the name of the site and the second part is the TLD. The first bit should be an easy to remember name that best represents the community you are a part of, either physical or virtual.

Now, what is a TLD? TLD or ‘top-level domain’ are the letters you see at the end of the address after the dot. For example in, .com is the TLD. There are various TLDs available on the internet and each has their own significance. If .com means a commercial website, .org represents a non-profit organisation. Similarly, .biz is purely for a business concern and .in, .uk etc. represents the country from where the domain name originates. You will have to choose the TLD that signifies the purpose of your website in the best manner.

Be Discoverable to The Audience


Once you are done choosing the right domain name and all set to hit the floor, it’s time to get people to visit your website. The primary tool that can help you drive traffic to your site is through SEO or Search Engine Optimization. It is an effective and affordable method that counts for at least 50% of your site’s traffic. Choosing a set of key words, terms and phrases related to your business is a good way to begin. That said, there’s more to SEO, so you might want to consult a specialist in this field.

If you don’t want to spend too much on advertising, invest in paid search. It will make sure your site appears in sponsored links on Google or Bing.


With these points in mind you can eliminate maximum pitfalls that could come in way of setting up your website. When it’s your first website you must be very careful because it creates a great impact on what people will think about your company. So, if you are planning to create a brand image on the internet anytime soon, make sure you go through these pointers.

Author Bio. Sabrina Matthew is the Creative Director at Art Attackk, Addictive Media’s Digital Design Division located in New Delhi. She has an eye for detail and is passionate about all things related to design, a field she has been associated with for over 5 years. She has done her graduation in Mass Communication from Delhi University and has a Postgraduate Diploma in Multimedia and Design from ICFAI University. Her hobbies include poetry, sketching, and art and craft. She’s an enthusiastic environmentalist and also champions for animal rights.