Mobile-Meta-Tag-MaximizingWhat are Meta Tags? They are specialized HTML tags that give information about the documents of a webpage that are not displayed after rendering a page in the browser. The Meta information is how you provide valuation to your cyber property. This valuation takes place in the HEAD of the HTML code and we can see this by right clicking on a page to view source code.

Now the purpose of this course is not to have you start coding HTML and  structuring META tags, however it is important for you to educate yourself on how this all works. In addition once you have a solid foundation and understanding, then you can regurgitate the facts to prospective clients. You will be able to right click “view source code” in a sales meeting/presentation and explain to them what I am explaining to you now.

Another important fact is to explain the importance of product description with Meta Tags. You never want to lie in your representation. And this is what you need to communicate to your clients. You need to explain that most people either do not take the preventive steps to create strong back end brand structure. Instead most of the competition will risk alienating searchers and ultimately affecting your brand negatively. You need to explain to your prospects that you will be using intelligent

Language to magnify the positive image of their backend for optimum mobile ranking.

It is also important to communicate to your clients that not all cases are Meta Descriptions the most effective approach. For instance, if your prospective client will benefit from targeting long tail keywords it will be better for search engines to manually extract the most relevant snippets of content. The reason for this is because the search engines will show the keywords users are searching with. And if you or anyone else who is managing this for the business force this, the business will risk losing natural relevance that mobile search generates.