EMCO-MSI-Package-BuilderManaging PCs on large enterprises could be a daunting task for IT administrators and support engineers, specially if they need to physically visit every single PC to install, update or remove applications. They need a solution to make everything centralized through which, installing or managing applications on target PC can be handled even while sitting at one place.

Thanks to various remote deployment applications that is specially designed to address such problems and leaves no pressure on client as it makes the whole process automatic. The key idea behind such tools is to package standard setup files (.exe) into Microsoft Installer packages, commonly known as .MSI. Later, MSI packages will perform application installation silently and requires no action to be performed at the user end. You’ve the full capability to customize MSI packages perfectly suitable for the target machine, such as edit registry entries, check applications compatibility etc.

EMCO MSI Package Builder: Software overview

It’s an award winning utility that provides easy and effortless way to create MSI packages or convert EXE to MSI. It provides wizard creation method for automatic MSI package creations using Live monitoring technology. Manual way is also available to create customized MSI packages using the software very own visual editor. Though, this method is recommended for advanced users only as it may requires professional entries to be filled and any wrong attempts could make troubles for the client PC.

Refer to EMCO website to learn how to create MSI packages and convert EXE to MSI. On the website you can find tutorial and videos that demonstrate the main features of the application.

You can choose any of the three available editions of EMCO MSI package builder, depend on your needs:

Starter Edition: Designed for basic users and provides limited set of tools to create MSI packages. You’ll get an easy and fast MSI visual editor and make MSI package ready for remote deployment.

Professional Edition: Including visual MSI editor, this edition is also packaged with change monitoring technology. This edition allows both automatic as well as manual ways to create MSI packages and then remotely deploy applications.

Enterprise Edition: Recommended for professional users. Offers advanced builder to build MSI packages as well as convert existing installations into MSI packages. It also carries both starter and professional edition capabilities to address all your specific needs at one single place.

EMCO MSI Package Builder V4.5 is available to download and has 30 days of free evaluation period. Many bugs has been fixed and some new features has been added such as diagnose live monitoring modules initialization.  

About EMCO: Company Overview

EMCO software has over 12 years of experience (found in 2001) in developing series of remote application and management solutions for home user, business and large enterprises. They develop applications by keeping the exact need of their customer such as remote network inventory, remote software development, remote desktop access and administration, remote power management and automation etc.